MM AD1: Fire Kukri +1 - Check to Acquire?

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The Fire Kukri +1 lists "Strength Melee Dexterity Ranged" for its check to acquire. However, it's a pure Melee weapon like the regular Kukris, which only list "Strength Melee" for their checks to acquire.

I'm guessing the Fire Kukri +1 should also only list "Strength Melee" as its check to acquire?

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It's correct as is. While its main use is for Str/Melee, its second power is common to knives, which are usually Dex/Ranged (If you played another weapon....).

Yes, Kukris are Knives, and have the usual Knife power; and yes, Knives have usually been Dex/Ranged daggers. However, the Fire Kukri +1 specifically isn't a Ranged weapon, and has nothing related to Dex in its powers, so I still think it shouldn't have those checks to acquire.

...Or do you believe that regular Kukris should have Dexterity and Ranged added to their Checks to acquire?

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Star Knives from RotR were similarly odd...

James McKendrew wrote:
Star Knives from RotR were similarly odd...

True enough! Though I'd posit that RotR had more of those kinds of oddities than the games that came afterwards...

Still, if anything, the difference in checks to acquire for what is basically the same weapon with a +1 to combat checks and the Fire trait is highly inconsistent. As soon as I saw the Fire Kukri +1's checks to acquire, I thought "That can't be right" and came online to see if any mention was made; that's usually not a good thing in a game.

Actually, looking at it more; the regular Kukris have the Finesse trait, which the Fire Kukri +1 doesn't have. That's also inconsistent and probably an error, one way or the other. I don't really care which way the ruling goes, but I can't believe that those discrepancies were intentional. And if they were, an official mention saying so would be appreciated.

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It should match the other kukris. Added to FAQ.

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