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And I come back when finally at a machine again, and.. wow. Okay. _Definitely_ no shortage of ideas to work with. Lots of great thoughts to dig into, in a nice variety. Thank you muchly folks! I have no idea what to settle on.. but this is wonderful to get this all going together.

The great part is that I'll have a the ability to pass along and set up for any amount complexity that -they- want to deal with. :)

So.. thanks again!

- Shirra

Greetings folks!

I find myself in an awkward spot, trying to put together a character concept for someone who doesn't normally play class based systems.. when I myself primarily play classless, point based systems as well. My GM's caught in crunch time between work and other campaign preparation, so I've got the duty of helping out the other players. Despite having only played with Pathfinder twice, he's used to me being the 'make the characters' person for the groups I'm in, so.. yeah.
The healer over there? No sweat. The mage with a thing for fire? Easy enough.

The person who rubbed their chin and went, 'A sneaky sellsword, the type to use stealth and guile to get him into and past trouble.. and a prodigy-like talent with his blade to get him out.'. There was gesturing at Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser as decent examples of what he was after, and honestly? I'm not sure where to go with it.
I know that, on a BAB standpoint, a rogue will not suit. It'll have it's tricks, but it won't be able to do the stand up, toe to toe, and keep up with the straight fighter types. Likewise, straight up fighter won't work, as there's insistence on the stealth knack. Ranger? Plausible, but we're looking at a fairly urban, and totally not nature/magic aligned character.

Most of my personal class-system experience is the various incarnations of D&D, and while it helps for a lot of the simpler things, this is something that's harder to pin down smoothly.

So! I turn to you folks. As this is to be a tiny group, 'potent' builds are definitely a good option here. And something that truly marks itself 'a prodigy of the blade', even while being decent at sneaking and skulking in an urban environ, would be a lovely thing.
I know we're starting over the first level, buut I don't know how far. The GM's got a fairly beefy collection of books (and then there's the SRD, yay!), so generally anything paizo/official is okay.

Please.. build, or at least advise and point me in the right direction on base class + books to poke into to find some modifiers to 'make it work'? I'd rather not put one more egg in the GM's basket right now, if I can help it. :)

Thanks for the time,
- Shirra