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A question regarding your possible actions in a game of mine.

Situation: a pair of high level characters got teleported for error from Golarion to our Earth and they are on a quest to find how to return. It's 2014 on Earth.

Reasoning. Golarion really DOES exists. The fact that on our planet you, at paizo, are writing about Golarion can only means a thing. That YOU are from Golarion! Maybe even from the future, since you know sooo much about it.

Then, a day, a news from China, a militar helicopter got crashed from a black dragon ridden by a human. An HD video on youtube shows it very clearly.

Don't know what you are. Maybe you are a high level adventurer, a mythic time-traveler wizard, a god of some kind.. don't know, just be what you like.

What do you do?

Crash us under your mighty tyrannousaurus feet It's not an option D:

And sorry for my bad english.

Yay :3

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I'll try to organize some sessions of PFS Organized Play here at a local store to gain some experience. I've read a lot about it, but never had the opportunity to actually play..

Thanks for the encouragement, anyway. Maybe I'll ask some tips on the Pathfinder Society General Discussion Forum to start.

zrinka znidarcic wrote:
Shirokitsune, where in Italy are you?

Emilia-Romagna, Forlì.

Michael Brock wrote:
Shirokitsune wrote:
Michael Brock wrote:
Shirokitsune wrote:
No Pathfinder Society here in Italy, gne. Disappointing.
All it takes is someone to step up and take the reigns. I've had Italy on my list of locations I've been seeking a Venture-Captain since I took this job.
To get started, point our browser to Regional Coordinator Process.

Sounds like an adventure. I'll think on it.

Michael Brock wrote:
Shirokitsune wrote:
No Pathfinder Society here in Italy, gne. Disappointing.
All it takes is someone to step up and take the reigns. I've had Italy on my list of locations I've been seeking a Venture-Captain since I took this job.


No Pathfinder Society here in Italy, gne. Disappointing.

Yep, I have plenty of time. Nine months, I think. I'll probably try the way of the parties. After a childhood in a temple of Calistria, Favola is a bit paranoid with relationship with men and she'd prefer not to have even a fake one (even if she knows how to make a man happy, in theory).
Actually she is a tenant in a house of an alchimist not so far from there, and I think she won't have much problems going to those parties.
But I'm a bit worried about scrying attempt after the theft. If I'll succeed, I'll be back to Almas as soon as I can. If they hire an Archmage of the Arcanimirium, in a matter of hours or days he will find me. I hate scrying ç.ç Want to get rid of that cornucopia as soon as i can and take the money.

..a naval chase would be great. I imagine the Absalom fleet chasing the ship I'm on.

I'll die, I know.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

Hi there. I need a bit of advice on how can be handled a theft of a cornucopia in Absalom.

Briefing: I'm just roling, so I need roleplaying ideas. My character is a half-elf rogue (burglar) lv 11. In short: born in Absalom from a female elf cleric of Calistria and an unknown father, Favola has been raised in her childhood as an acolyte of Calistria, but at the age of 16 she run away from the temple and Absalom itself, landing in Almas. There, she has become a quite famous thief, known as "The Fox" (while out "at work", she wears a fox mask imported from Tian-Xia), and she has lived there for ten years. Working only on commission, a mysterious man hired her for a dangerous quest: to steal a cornucopia from a specific member of the Grand Council of Absalom and to bring it back to Almas. She initially refused, but after the incredible offer of 50000 gp she accepted the job. Now, she is back in Absalom, trying to find a way to steal the cornucopia without giving away her own life in the attempt.

Now, the questions.. is stealing a cornucopia possible for a single person of her level? Is a cornucopia so heavily guarded? And if it is possible, how would the Grand Council react to the theft and handle the situation?

(Sorry for my english, and I hope this is the right section to post this thread..)

I love Fast Learner.

Great, Shamira's going to entice a purehearted paladin, eheh.

Thanks, Mighty Tyrannosaurus.


Profane Gift (Su)

Once per day as a full-round action, a succubus may grant a profane gift to a willing humanoid creature by touching it for 1 full round. The target gains a +2 profane bonus to an ability score of his choice. A single creature may have no more than one profane gift from a succubus at a time. As long as the profane gift persists, the succubus can communicate telepathically with the target across any distance (and may use her suggestion spell-like ability through it). A profane gift is removed by dispel evil or dispel chaos. The succubus can remove it as well as a free action (causing 2d6 Charisma drain to the victim, no save).

My question: the humanoid must be willing to obtain the bonus from the succubus.. but the succubus can lie about her "help" to the hero, or a "willing humanoid" means that the humanoid must be aware of the profane nature of the gift?

Paladins of Irori? Yeah, smite evil with fists. So awesome.

Well, I'm neutral good, but sometimes if I fail a will save when I use my bloodline or blue dragon disciple powers I'll have to act for a short while as Lawful Evil.
Ah, I forgot to mention that we play in Dragonlance.

Mikaze wrote:

Just a pool of options:

  • Eyes turn from their original hue to blue.

  • Eyes become slitted.

  • Hair turns to a pale blue-white.

  • Hair tends to go wild when using magic, as if affected by extreme amounts of static electricity.

  • Small horns jut from your scalp, growing in size as you grow in power.

  • Your hair falls out as it's slowly replaced by a crown of small horns.

  • Small arcs of electricity dance between your teeth, fingers, and horns if you have them when you cast spells or are in a heightened emotional state.

  • Your skin grows lustrous with fine pale blue scales, first in patches along your limbs and torso, eventually covering your entire body.

  • Teeth grow sharper. Canines are noticably more pronounced.

  • Often when you touch someone they, not you, feel a slight pop of static shock.

  • Sand becomes unnatrually comfortable to you. To the point that a "bed" full of the stuff is more comfortable than an actual bed.

  • When you grow wings, while the actual "arms" and "fingers" share the color of your body, the membranes are a peculiar, pale pinkish-blue mix.

  • Your scales tend to have a milky pale sheen over them, a bit like some albino alligators if you've seen them.
  • Aw, thanks. I think I'll use most of these ideas, with GM permission. Really really nice. The paladin of my party is going to kill me.

    Hi all. My character is going to take levels in Dragon Disciple, exactly Blue Dragon Disciple. I need some good ideas about physical changes the character may have during the advancement in the class.
    Actually my character is a 24 years old albino human. Her abilities are STR 7 DEX 12 CON 12 INT 16 WIS 13 CHA 16. She's a lv 6 bard, a detective, but she also wants to become a dragon scholar. I'm going to take levels in that prestige class for roleplaying reasons. Thanks for your help.

    I'm gonna say Bard. Kill me.

    From the advanced player's guide.. witch.

    Azoun The Sage wrote:

    If you all will indulge me I shall attempt to critic as well; in hopes it will help me better critic my own items. ;)

    Astrolabe of Great Deeds
    Aside from the obvious; item cost, aura, craft req’s, etc. I’m not sure if I’d keep this item. It’s too cumbersome and as a GM; well I don’t really enjoy the additional workload this causes.

    Kimono of Terrors Unleashed
    The big killer I see is the “Why wouldn’t I sell this?” Don’t get me wrong. The creepiness is cool. But the drawbacks turn me from this one.

    Rusting Dust
    Again missing the obvious; item cost, aura, craft req’s, etc. I do like the usefulness of the item though.

    Measurer’s Window
    This seems in the end to be an augury. The initial abilities of the item I see only those stealthed characters using. I mean general feelings are normally apparent if the ‘being’ sees you.

    Beyond The String of Mortals
    Unless I’m mistaken most of these abilities are already accessible to monks? I am left with a question though: Once the monk reads this tome does he/she forever have access to these abilities?

    Hmm.. Tne only similar one I can find is Wholeness of body, but I'm not omniscent and I can mistake as well. If you can find something similar, just let me know. I'm a fan of monks. Anyway, yep, they would be permanent abilities. Thanks for your critic.

    Beyond The Strings Of Mortals

    Aura moderate evocation; CL 7th
    Slot none; Price 16,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.

    This book is a magical version of the teachings of Irori tome, Unbinding The Fetters. This rare one is often committed from head of monasteries for their need in mastering the ki.
    A monk devoted to Irori with the ki pool class feature that spends 30 days (not necessarily consecutively) reading the book receives the following benefits.
    Diet: by spending 1 point from his ki pool, the monk can enhance something edible just eaten (usually a single grain of rise) to give him life-substaining nourishment for a number of days equal to his monk level. This power is activated as a full-round action.
    Mental exercise: by spending 1 point from his ki pool, the monk can start meditating for an hour. At the end of the hour, he recovers 1 hit point per monk level. Any interruption during the meditation prevents the monk from healing. This power is activated as a full-round action.
    Physical exercise: by spending 1 point from his ki pool, the monk can sacrifice some of his mobility in order to gain more physical resistance. For the duration of the stance, which the monk can end as a free action, the monk is considered staggered but gains damage reduction equal to half his monk level. Moreover, during the stance, he gains a bonus to melee attack rolls equal to his wisdom modifier and a bonus to damage rolls equal to his monk level. This power is activated as a swift action.
    Once the book is read, the magic disappears from the pages and it becomes a normal book.

    Construction Requirements
    Create Wondrous Item, create food and water, divine power, lesser restoration, creator must be a monk devoted to Irori; Cost 8,000 gp

    While I have no problems reading English, writing and speaking is completely another thing. Darn you :3 I'll take a shot to the contest because I want to prove myself, at least. I'm going to read and control my entry billion times.

    Provos wrote:
    Shirokitsune wrote:
    You should see the 15 point buy detective bard I'm actually playing...
    Can you give a link? I am interested in playing a detective bard and would love to see how others do it.

    You would see how don't build a bard. Since my party is composed by five PGs, I decided to make an "amoeba" pg. Face and utility spells. It's fun. In a fight my horse did more than me. Anyway, if you're interested in that, I can say something more, but I haven't a link, sorry.

    You should see the 15 point buy detective bard I'm actually playing...

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    As a GM, I only allow PGs built on the 15 point buy system. Never 20. Don't wanna super-heroes. I ask for the 15 point buy system as a player too (even if I always complain later). It's really enough. But I'm waiting for an uprising of my friends.