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Current Campaigns

Corsairs of Varisia

“Corsairs of Varisia” is a homebrew campaign which has low magic; emerging technology in the form of firearms; reavers, swashbucklers, buccaneers, and pirates.

“Corsairs of Varisia” campaign pits the starting party in a emerging town situated between Riddleport and Magnimar.

The town, formerly Roderic’s Cove, had been conquered by pirates from Riddleport, but has been recently liberated from support from the south to stop the advance of Riddleport into their waters.

The town was renamed “Beacon” and the lord of the town is calling on any who wish to make their fortune and become something great; with little to aid them but their wits and steel.

Corsairs of Varisia: Social RP

The following is for Social RP done in the game "Corsairs of Varisia".

randall793's Three Days to Kill

A remake of Penumbra's Three Days to Kill

5E Dragons Demand (inactive)

AZ's Frosty Hill RP Town (inactive)

This is a area for character development and RP while other characters are made.

AZ's HB East River (inactive)

AZ's HB Nor-Ham (inactive)

A homebrew game world

DM Asmodeus's "Curse of Strahd" D&D 5e (inactive)

Current Location: Death House

The World of Eafphqu: Team "good." (inactive)

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Luna, Jun, Psalm, Nikeisha; BG (Red), BG (Orange), BG (Green), BG (Black); Quint, Hack; BG (Blue), BG (Purple), BG (Cyan), BG (Yellow).

The World of Eafphqu: Team "neutral." (inactive)

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