Ice Devil

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Full Name

Shactalinexkritaszvibion (never given to anyone - he can be bound with the entire name)


Gelugon (Ice Devil)




L (12' tall)








Night watchman at the Lady's Library

About Shactal

Shactal was never especially successful as an Ice Devil (He got lucky in the promotion department, as sometimes happens even in Baator). He served in the XXVI Asmodean Legion (Bone Melters) under the infamous Pit Fiend general Torgnat. Due to a (relatively) poor leadership and combat ability, Shactal was put in charge of the general's personal larva herd. Shactal unfortunately developed a taste for Bloody Apocalypses while in the field (basically a mixture of viper tree venom, tequilla and chunks of frozen larva for texture). After one particullarly bad bender, Shactal awoke to find his squirming charges had managed to escape their cage and had wandered off into the Grey Wastes. Frantic, Shactal managed to find a local night hag who was willing to restock him for a price, his true name and a service pledge. After the campaign in Hades was over, Shactal was contacted by the night hag, Prunelda, who had struck a deal with an Androsphynx of her acquaintance named Chestnut. Chestnut was the librarian of The Lady's Library in Sigil, a famous repository of darks from all over the multiverse. In exchange for some particularly juicy darks, Prunelda had signed over her service contract for Shactal to Chestnut. He was to be the new night watchman of the Lady's Library.

Humiliated by this new assignment, Shactal has further slid into drunkeness since he took up his duties. He is irritable, but he is actually approachable (for a drunken 12' tall icy fiendish mantis that is) He has never been a combative basher, and secretly he is beginning to enjoy being somewhere where he has little to do than keep a bunch of moldy scrolls safe and drink at the Styx Oarsman