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HP 18/18 {effects: none} | AC 14 (T12 FF12) | F+1 R+2 W+4 | Init +2 | darkvision 60', low-light vision, perception +6


Shadow Summoning 6/6; disguise self 1/1
1st: 3/3


    Female Fetchling Synthesist Shadow Caller 2

Special Abilities

Link to Synthesized Form

About Selene Shadowvar

Female Fetchling Synthesist Shadow Caller 2
LN Medium outsider (native)

Favored class: Summoner (1: +1 SP)

Init +2 ; Senses Darkvision 60', Low-light vision, Perception +6

AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12 (+2 armor, +2 dex)
hp 18 (2d8+2 CON)
Fort +1 (+0 base +1 CON), Ref +2 (+0 base +2 dex), Will +4 (+3 base +1 WIS)
Resistance cold 5, electricity 5
Special shadow blending

Speed 30 ft/x4

Dagger +0 1d4-1 19-20/x2 {P or S}

Light Crossbow +3 1d8 19-20/x2 {P} (80')
Dagger +3 1d4-1 19-20/x2 {P or S} (10')


Spells per Day
1st: 3 (2+CHA)

Spells Known (DC 10 +3 cha +spell level)
0th (5): Detect Magic, Guidance, Mending, Message, Resistance
1st (3): Corrosive Touch, Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon, Mage Armor

Str 9, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 17
Base Atk +1, Cmb +0, Cmd 12
Feats Spell Focus (Conjuration)
Traits Caretaker (faith), Princess (social)

Skill points: 10 (2 +2 INT +1 favored)/lvl

Acrobatics +1 (0 +2 DEX -1 ACP)
Appraise +2 (0 +2 INT)
Bluff +3 (0 +3 CHA)
Climb -2 (0 -1 STR -1 ACP)
Craft (-) +2 (0 +2 INT +0 class)
Diplomacy +8 (1 +3 CHA +3 class +1 trait)
Disguise +3 (0 +3 CHA)
Escape Artist +1 (0 +2 DEX -1 ACP)
Heal +6 (1 +1 WIS +3 class +1 trait)
Intimidate +4 (0 +3 CHA +1 trait)
Knowledge (planes) +8 (1 +2 INT +3 class +2 race)
Perception +6 (2 +1 WIS +3 class)
Profession (torturer) +6 (2 +1 WIS +3 class)
Ride +1 (0 +2 DEX -1 ACP)
Sense Motive +1 (0 +1 WIS)
Spellcraft +6 (1 +2 INT +3 class)
Stealth +8 (2 +2 DEX +3 class +2 race -1 ACP)
Survival +1 (0 +1 WIS)
Swim -2 (0 -1 STR -1 ACP)

Knowledge () + (0 +2 INT +0 class)
Linguistics + (0 +2 INT +0 class)
Use Magic Device + (0 +3 CHA)

Languages Common, Aklo, D'zirak
SQ Spell-like abilities (disguise self - 1/d)


Encumbrance 21 lbs (33 lbs=light; 66 lbs=medium; 100 lbs=heavy)

_wt_ item

6 lbs (28 gp) Weapons
_4.0 Light Crossbow (25 gp)
_1.0 Bolts {10} (1 gp)
_1.0 Dagger (2 gp)

15 lbs (10 gp) Clothing and Armor
15.0 Leather (10 gp)
__._ Outfit

0 lbs (0 gp) Other Gear

Cash 32 gp

Feat descriptions:

Class abilities:

• FUSED EIDOLON: A synthesist summons the essence of a powerful outsider to meld with his own being. The synthesist wears the eidolon like translucent, living armor. The eidolon mimics all of the synthesist’s movements, and the synthesist perceives through the eidolon’s senses and speaks through its voice, as the two are now one creature.
While fused with his eidolon, the synthesist uses the eidolon’s physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution), but retains his own mental ability scores (Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma). The synthesist gains the eidolon’s hit points as temporary hit points. When these hit points reach 0, the eidolon is killed and sent back to its home plane. The synthesist uses the eidolon’s base attack bonus, and gains the eidolon’s armor and natural armor bonuses and modifiers to ability scores. The synthesist also gains access to the eidolon’s special abilities and the eidolon’s evolutions. The synthesist is still limited to the eidolon’s maximum number of natural attacks. The eidolon has no skills or feats of its own. The eidolon must be at least the same size as the synthesist. The eidolon must have limbs for the synthesist to cast spells with somatic components. The eidolon’s temporary hit points can be restored with the rejuvenate eidolon spell.
While fused, the synthesist loses the benefits of his armor. He counts as both his original type and as an outsider for any effect related to type, whichever is worse for the synthesist. Spells such as banishment or dismissal work normally on the eidolon, but the synthesist is unaffected. Neither the synthesist nor his eidolon can be targeted separately, as they are fused into one creature. The synthesist and eidolon cannot take separate actions. While fused with his eidolon, the synthesist can use all of his own abilities and gear, except for his armor. In all other cases, this ability functions as the summoner’s normal eidolon ability (for example, the synthesist cannot use his summon monster ability while the eidolon is present).
This ability replaces the class’s eidolon ability, bond senses, and life bond.
The following class abilities function differently for synthesist summoners.
==Fused Link (Su)
Starting at 1st level, the synthesist forms a close bond with his eidolon. Whenever the temporary hit points from his eidolon would be reduced to 0, the summoner can, as a free action, sacrifice any number of his own hit points. Each hit point sacrificed this way prevents 1 point of damage done to the eidolon (thus preventing the loss of the summoner’s temporary hit points), preventing the eidolon from being killed and sent back to its home plane.
This ability replaces life link.
• SHADOW EIDOLON: A shadow caller's eidolon is at once a thing of shadow called from the deep of the Shadow Plane and his own shadow; the two are inseparable. When his eidolon manifests, his shadow lengthens and finally detaches from him as a creature unto itself. For as long as the shadow caller's eidolon is manifested, he and the eidolon do not have distinct shadows, regardless of the presence or absence of light. This lack of a shadow replaces the magical symbol that identifies the summoner and his eidolon.
• SHADOW SUMMONING (Sp): Starting at 1st level, a summoner can cast summon monster I as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. Drawing upon this ability uses up the same power as the summoner uses to call her eidolon. As a result, she can only use this ability when her eidolon is not summoned. She can cast this spell as a standard action and the creatures remain for 1 minute per level (instead of 1 round per level). At 3rd level, and every 2 levels thereafter, the power of this ability increases by one spell level, allowing her to summon more powerful creatures (to a maximum of summon monster IX at 17th level). At 19th level, this ability can be used as gate or summon monster IX. If used as gate, the summoner must pay any required material components. A summoner cannot have more than one summon monster or gate spell active in this way at one time. If this ability is used again, any existing summon monster or gate immediately ends. These summon spells are considered to be part of her spell list for the purposes of spell trigger and spell completion items. In addition, she can expend uses of this ability to fufill the construction requirements of any magic item she creates, so long as she can use this ability to cast the required spell.

When a shadow caller uses her summon monster ability or casts the summon monster spell, she typically summons creatures from the Shadow Plane or creatures closely associated with shadow. When a creature on the summon monster spell list indicates that it is summoned with either the celestial or the fiendish template based on the alignment of the caster, the creature summoned by the shadow caller has the shadow creature template instead. Furthermore, the summon monster lists are modified in the following ways (these changes also apply to using a higher-level summon spell to summon multiple creatures from a lower-level list):
==Summon Monster I: No changes.
==Summon Monster II: A shadow caller cannot summon Small elementals or lemures, but instead can summon zoogs.
==Summon Monster III: A shadow caller cannot summon dretches or lantern archons, but can summon augur kytons.
==Summon Monster IV: A shadow caller cannot summon Medium elementals, hell hounds, hound archons, or mephits, but can summon allips, gloomwings, and shadows.
==Summon Monster V: A shadow caller cannot summon babau, bearded devils, bralani azatas, Large elementals, salamanders, or xills, but can summon shadow mastiffs and shae.
==Summon Monster VI: A shadow caller cannot summon Huge elementals, erinyes, lillend azatas, or succubi, but can summon cloakers.
==Summon Monster VII: A shadow caller cannot summon bebiliths, bone devils, greater elementals, or vrocks, but can summon greater shadows.
==Summon Monster VIII: A shadow caller can only summon derghodaemons and young umbral dragons.
==Summon Monster IX: A shadow caller can only summon interlocutor kytons and nightwings.

Race abilities:

• DARKVISION: Fetchlings can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.
• LOW-LIGHT VISION: In addition to their ability to see perfectly in the dark up to 60 ft, fetchlings have low-light vision, allowing them to see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
• SHADOW BLENDING (Su): Attacks against a fetchling in dim light have a 50% miss chance instead of the normal 20% miss chance. This ability does not grant total concealment; it just increases the miss chance.
• SHADOWY RESISTANCE (Ex): Fetchlings have cold resistance 5 and electricity resistance 5.
• SKILLED: Fetchlings have a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (planes) and Stealth checks.
• SPELL-LIKE ABILITIES (Sp): A fetchling can use disguise self once per day as a spell-like ability. She can assume the form of any humanoid creature. When a fetchling reaches 9th level in any combination of classes, she gains shadow walk (self only) usable once per day as a spell-like ability. When a fetchling reaches 13th level in any combination of classes, she gains plane shift (self only, to the Shadow Plane or the Material Plane only) usable once per day as a spell-like ability. A fetchling's caster level is equal to her total Hit Dice.


1. Selene is a masochist resulting in her high pain threshold (and Endurance) but requires more outlandish methods to experience the pain.
2. Selene is a sadist in that she wants others to feel the exquisite pain that she loves so much. She does not fully understand that others may not experience pain the same way she does.
3. Selene is fascinated by piercings and body modifications, and even has several of her own, several of which being piercings that are also attached to her clothes and armor, effectively tying them directly to her.

Greatest Fear: To no longer be able to feel the ecstasy of pain
Greatest Desire: To share the experience and beauty of pain with the world

Selene is a glutton for new experiences in the various senses. That she reveres pain is only one aspect. If there is an taste, a feeling, anything that she has yet to savor, she would almost salivates should the opportunity arise. In pursuit of such goals, laws and rules that dictate against such an experience are ignored. She seeks enlightenment through these experiences and no law of man will stop that. She is not foolish, however, and knows she needs to be discrete in her pursuits lest she be captured, killed or otherwie prevented from furthering her experiences.

Selene is a bit naive in that she does not understand that people do not experience things in the same way she does. She might poke at someone's open wound to give them more opportunity to experience life, for example, and become confused when they cry out or shed tears. Most Nidalese she has been surrounded by share her interest in experiencing pain.

Even with these idiosyncrasies, Selene is fiercely loyal to those she calls friends, even if they do not share the same zest for life and experience. Learning about these weaker individuals would be an experience in and of itself.


Selene is a woman of statuesque beauty with pale alabaster skin that still seems to exude warmth. Her long jet black hair, large dark eyes and black stained lips give her a dark gothic intensity about her but there is a kind of playful seductiveness in the glint of her eyes and quirk in her mouth that allows her to retain a certain dangerous allure.

At first glance, Selene's fine ebon clothing and armor looks made to enhance her figure, a closer look reveals they are doing much more. Various rings and ties in the armor and clothes actually seem to pierce her skin or attach themselves to other piercings on her body. Her movements seem to cause the jewelry to pull and tug at her flesh.


The Joymaking is looked on by outsiders as pure insanity. To voluntarily have ones limbs amputated and 'unnecessary' (to live) flesh removed, to require feeding and cleaning by others, all just to theoretically experience greater pain and greater pleasure than would be possible otherwise... What else could it be? To the followers of Zon-Kuthon, these 'Joyful Things' are to be revered to the utmost. Only the most prestigious and wealthiest members could attain such a transformation. Selene was born to one of these limbless creations, several months after a night of pain and debauchery offered to her mother. Unseen were the tendrils of shadow that also partook of the experience. They were not to know that the Midnight Lord himself was in attendance.

Regardless of Selene's true parentage, any born of a Joyful Thing one are exalted above other children as it is presumed that they gained a portion of their parent's luck and sensation, effectively acquiring a portion of what all followers envied, right from birth. As such, Selene was raised by members of the Umbral Court. She was taught of the realms outside of Golarion, of the Shadow Plane and even of the Dark Tapestry. She was taught how to move within the shadows, using the darkness to remain out of sight. She was even given the skull of her mother once that Joyful Thing had passed on. Once she came of age, she was taught to give and receive pain, to heal the tortured, to allow them to survive to experience more. At all of these did she excel. A prodigy that was even able to summon forth the Stuff from between worlds and to even fashion a dangerous shell for herself, an eidolon shadow beast.

It wasn't until she left her homeland that she discovered that others experienced pain in a completely unexpected way. They actually found it unpleasant. Now, the dogma touts how this was a weakness of lesser beings, but Selene began to wonder. Perhaps they were just different. Or perhaps they merely had not experienced enough to grow into something greater. Still, she decided that she would keep such thoughts to herself. Merely being in the presence of such people was an experience she relished, even if only to witness their reaction when they experienced pain that neither of them were expecting.