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Selene Spires wrote:
I always thought the Desk Empire had more than 9 planets...

but when they were first encountered hadn’t they somehow missed out on the Drift Tech rollout? They stole and reverse engineered it fr whoever it was that made first contact from the Golarian system

No Purple Worm again?

QuidEst wrote:
Ooh, playable swarm! I wonder how armor works there. I wonder if I can cast polymorph to pretend to be humanoid? Surprise people by letting the spell expire?

Watch Red Dwarf

Had trouble downloading the Starfinder der core rule book earlier today. It’s only loading like 157 bytes or so and I can’t open it. Just encountered the same problem with the playtest beastiary

having problems gettting into the pathfinder store on my iPad. The Starfinder One is Fine as far as I can tell. But clicking on any of the sections in the pathfinder store just leads to the home page or a blank page with the usual banners and stuff