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*** Venture-Agent, Texas—San Antonio

PAX South (Jan 27th-29th) is more heavily tabletop oriented than the other PAX conventions. Each year the San Antonio PFS group hosts tables at the convention, but this year we have upped the number of tables we are running and we need a few more GMs.

We need 3 GMs on Friday, 1 for Saturday, and 1 for Sunday.

If you are attending and are interested in GMing please contact me or TJ brooks.

Me: Scott@texasisfunny.com
TJ: lifty1928@icloud.com

*** Venture-Agent, Texas—San Antonio

Has anyone else had trouble reporting an 8-10 session? I go to edit my event in order to add it but 8-10 is missing from the season 8 list. The list of season 8 scenarios jumps from 8-9 to 8-12, skipping 10 & 11.

I've got two tables to report and players breathing down my neck.

I am trying to report some sessions of 8-10 that our group did last night, but I can't find the scenario on the list to report it. It isn't listed under Season 8. Anyone else know if it is listed in the wrong spot, or just missing?

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Derklord wrote:

A medium tiger has a medium bite. Below lvl11, Atavism Totem would increase the damage of the bite from 1d8 to 2d6, or +2.5 damage. Which sounds good, but it's only 1/3 of the barb's attacks (I'd say hybrid form still has claws - basically, what you get is opposable thumbs).

What are the followup feats? I mean, Mooncursed is nice in that one can actually take totem rage powers that aren't named "beast".

Not sure that would be right. There is no medium, so you have to downsize a large tiger, which has the damage dice of a huge bite. If you downsize the tiger from large to medium, it would down size the bite damage to large. Unless you know of text that says otherwise.

There is a new rage power in the Villain Codex that is perfect for a mooncursed barbarian.

Atavism Totem, Lesser (Su): The barbarian gains a bite
attack; if she already has a bite attack, it deals damage as if
the barbarian were one size larger.

Especially if you a tiger mooncursed barbarian. As a medium tiger you get large bite damage, so with this rage power your bite damage would be in the huge category. So 2d6.

I am making a Mooncursed Barbarian for PFS. I chose Tiger as the animal.

The tiger presented in the Bestiary is large, but it's natural attacks have been given the damage dice of a huge creature. At level 1 you become a medium version of this animal, does that mean I would get the damage dice of a large creature?

Another question, at level 5 you become a hybred/were version of the animal. Do you retain the bite attack?