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I just thought of something while reading through this again. Could a Dhampir use the imprisoned specter for free healing? Obviously this would be overly gamey, but the image of a person being supported by this spirit's impotent rage is kind of funny.

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Oh, that's just cruel. Ramp up my anticipation and make me wait weeks for book 2.

I think a cool hook for a character who's unsure of why they're in Roslar's Coffer would be for them to be a courier delivering a package with an unassuming shard inside to someone in the town. Maybe Lady Grive, or someone else. The viability of this idea might hinge on book 2, however.

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kurohyou wrote:

Hi everyone,

The group I'm running through Iron Gods has an android whose player wants to have him have been a worshipper of Hellion, but doesn't remember doing so. She wants the character to have to struggle to overcome this aspect of himself when dealing with certain aspects of hellion (and I'd like to expand this to make him connected to Unity as a surprise). I'm thinking that a will save would be the appropriate way to deal with this, but I'm wondering what some appropriate DC's might be.

Did the player's android forget about Hellion because of the renewal process? Honestly I would base the will DC on what their class and will save is.

And how do you plan on the character being related to Unity? Maybe Unity sent the character's previous incarnation to track Hellion?

At the very least it should be interesting if Meyanda recognizes the character.

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Mathmuse wrote:

Heh heh. I deliberately destroyed that black access card by having Hetuath tear it up and use the pieces in his mosaic on the wall of what my players dubbed a "Tasty Oaty Bar" (a Serenity movie reference). But they had already picked up the black e-pick in room B3 and had the expertise to use it.

Give them time. They will search and find the black access card or the black e-pick. If not, let them buy one in town from a black market dealer, possibly Sanvil Trett. It costs only 10 gp. Clearly mark the card-reader slot with the access level required, so they know which one to buy.


They completely missed the e-pick in B3 as well. Sanvil might be a decent solution as they are still on good terms with him. Typically they're the kind of players that will investigate every nook and cranny, so it kind of threw me for a loop when they hit B14, then killed Hetuath, and gave up and returned to the Black Hill Caves.

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Hey, I was hoping I could get a help. I'm running Fires of Creation right now and my party just defeated Hetuath. They only did a cursory examination of his room and didn't find the black access card that was in the room. Then they were unable to force open the door leading to the science deck. Any advice on how to proceed from there? Thank you.

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Sharaya wrote:

I have submitted the order from our side of the system, and you should soon get an email confirming the order information.

If I can help with anything else, please let me know.


Thank you again!

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I have been trying to make a fairly large order and have been getting the error when trying to check out. Could I get a little help with this please? Thank you.