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I know many will disagree.
No, I do not like PDF's .... I won't buy them.
Parts 3 and 5 are still available here and are $10.
The rest of the AP is a different story:

Part 1: $35, $65, $66.75 (eBay)/Out of Stock (Amazom)
Part 2: $40(x2), $41.75(x2) (eBay)/starts at $24 (Amazon)
Part 4: None listed (eBay)/starts at $33 (Amazon)
Part 6: $12.95, $14.95, $15, $19.98, $28.95 (eBay)/starts at $3.54 (Amazon)

Sure, parts 3, 5, and 6 can be found for cheap .... but I'm not paying that much for 1, 2, and 4.

Basically I'm saying .... I have money. I want to give that money to you Paizo for a hardcover (and Pawn Collection if you'd like). And before everyone jumps all over this, remember they said after The RotRR hardcover they wouldn't do anymore AP collections. Then they did CotCT. Yes, both were 3.5 and needed Pathfinder rules updating, but Jade Regent seems to be a popular AP and is nearly sold-out. This may be a nice opportunity to add a more detailed Tian Xia gazette (a much requested product) to the appendix of the hardcover.

Hopefully this starts a dialogue. I know me not buying PDF's won't even be noticed by Paizo, but I know I'm not the only one who would love this hardcover.

Please make it happen Paizo.

I need some help finding this Great Old One. But first .... let me explain why:

A couple weeks ago, I was in my buddy's vehicle being driven home. He had his phone on random, and as if a voice from a long lost age speaking to me, Metallica's "The Thing That Should Not Be," came through the speakers. As fate would have it, that was followed by their instrumental, "The Call of Ktulu!" So then is when my idea was born!

Over X-mas break, I will be starting a campaign with me GM-ing, my 14 year-old son, my 14 year-old nephew, his 16 year-old cousin, and one of my good friend's 13 year-old son who has just recently been turned onto the hobby and has begged me to GM for him once he found out that I play. This will be epic, and I can't wait. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces for the things I have planned!!

First, the background. The older cousin and my friend's son will be from Sandpoint. When they came of age, they packed their bags and dreams and headed north to the city of Freeport. (Green Ronin's book is amazing by the way people .... if you don't own it yet ... shame on you. Best $75 I have ever spent on 1 RPG purchase. Thank-you to all of you on here that pointed me in the direction of Freeport when I posted my question about a campaign defining city on here so long ago) While there serving in the local militia, (which explains them going from commoner to 1st level adventure,) they meet up with my son and my nephew who are also serving. When their time is done, they all decide to return to Sandpoint together to plan their next move.

Here is where things get fun! I will run them through the Beginner Box adventure to get them warmed up to the mechanics of Pathfinder. Once that is complete, they will return to Sandpoint just in time for a certain festival, and then we will be off and running through Rise of the Runelords. Once we get through that book, and they are sitting there at a high level feeling all good about themselves, thanks to the lovely goodness that is Dreamscarred Press, all psionic players will be hit with what feels like a god-like psionic blast. Shortly afterwards is when the reports will come in from all over that a certain immortal monster with a mix between a giant octopus head, with human-looking arms and legs and a pair of wings on its back, has risen from the sea off the coast of Freeport and ransacked that city and is now ripping it up in Golarion. My young players will need to act fast if they want to raise an army and save the world. And that is my problem .....

I have the Bestiary 4, but I do not have anything else on Cthulhu. Do any of you know if there is a Pathfinder compatible adventure somewhere that has Cthulhu attacking in a setting that is like Golarion? I have looked him up here, but all the books I'm finding seem to set him in the 1930's or later era. (which is understandable)

I wouldn't mind writing that last adventure myself, but between family, the holidays, work, and school .... I'm not sure if I'll have the time. Does Paizo have something like this? Do any 3PP have anything like what I'm looking to do?

One of the things I'm toying with also, is that since Cthulhu is immortal, obviously my players won't be able to kill him. But since Runelords will take us an age to get through ..... I'm hoping that when the time comes to throw down with this Great Old One, I can have the players hop through the realms of Aethera (the 400 page book should hopefully be available by then) to find a tool that will help them imprison him once again!
Yea .... go big or go home is my motto!!

So can anyone help me or at least point me in the right direction? Do any of the big players at Paizo know what I should get?

"Fearless wretch
He watches
Lurking beneath the sea
Great old one
Forbidden site
He searches
Hunter of the shadows is rising!!!"

(oh ... please keep in mind that other than those Metallica songs and the info I have gained from years of role-playing, I know next to nothing about Lovecraft's writings. Sad ... I know. This is why I would rather buy an adventure than try to write my own and end up doing it's legacy a grave injustice.)

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Thank-you Paizo. I just really enjoy your game and your campaign setting. My players and I have just a ton of fun around the table. We do not bring cell phones ... or tablets .... we just have some books, dice, figures, pawns, pencils, and we go at it. We are old school like that.

I won't get into the reasons why I feel I owe you a thank-you, but I really appreciate the hard work you guys do, and how you all come on these forums and answer questions and keep us informed. I do not own all of your hardcover books, and I probably never will. But the ones I do own, we have used something out of almost all of them.

I also think I should say thanks for working like you do with other publishers. I have a couple other books for Pathfinder from 3PP and all of it is just a bunch of awesomeness and fun.

Keep up the great work.

I posted this to another forum page, but no one answered me. I have just bought again, the old school RULES CYCLOPEDIA and CREATURE CATALOG for BECMI D&D (I think these books were originally published in 89 and 91.) One of the things that always bothered me about that edition of D&D was the lack of the Barbarian class for that rule set. So for the 1st time ever, I have tried to create my own class. Research has taught me that originally, they did have a barbarian class for OD&D (Dragon Mag) but they didn't put it into the BECMI box sets and instead, added the Barb to the the Unearthed Arcana book. Here is my class, with most of it coming from this website:


BECMI Barbarian

Prime Requisite: Strength - 13-15=+5% to Experience earned/16-18=+10% to Experience earned

Barbarians roll on the attack charts of Fighters and the saving throw charts of Dwarves

Restrictions: Barbarians use a 1d10 to determine their hit points. Barbarians may use any type of armor (except plate and suit,) and may use shields (except Tower and Walled.) They may use any type of melee or thrown weapons but do not use missile weapons. A barbarian character must have a minimum Constitution score of 9.

Special Abilities: Barbarians are used to surviving in the wilderness and are able to forage, discover the correct direction if they become lost, and spot traps and snares in the wild one-third of the time (a roll of 1 or 2 on 1d6.) Because of a Barbarian's upbringing and natural behavior, they can fight with one weapon in each hand, but only with a -2 penalty to the second weapon's attack roll. When a Barbarian fights this way, they do not receive 3 attacks/round because of high levels. At the beginning of play, Barbarians gain the Lance Attack and Set Spear vs. Charge attacks.

When Barbarians reach 9th level, they become known as a Barbarian Lord, build a stronghold and attempt to establish a clan. The stronghold will be located in the wilderness.The Barbarian Lord may only use barbarian warriors, but specialists and retainers of other classes may be offered other positions.

1- 0 - 1d10 - Barbarian

2 - 2200 - 2d10 - Barbarian

3 - 4400 - 3d10 - Barbarian

4 - 8800 - 4d10 - Barbarian

5 - 17000 - 5d10 - Barbarian

6 - 35000 - 6d10 - Barbarian

7 - 70000 - 7d10 - Barbarian

8 - 140000 - 8d10 - Barbarian

9 - 270000 - 9d10 - Barbarian Lord

10 - 400000 - 9d10+3*

11 - 530000 - 9d10+6

12# - 660000 - 9d10+9

13 - 800000 - 9d10+12

14 - 940000 - 9d10+15

15 - 1080000 - 9d10+18

16 - 1220000 - 9d10+21

17 - 1360000 - 9d10+24

18 - 1500000 - 9d10+27

19 - 1640000 - 9d10+30

20 - 1780000 - 9d10+33

21 - 1920000 - 9d10+36

22 - 2060000 - 9d10+39

23 - 2200000 - 9d10+42

24## - 2340000 - 9d10+45

25 - 2480000 - 9d10+48

26 - 2620000 - 9d10+51

27 - 2760000 - 9d10+54

28 - 2900000 - 9d10+57

29 - 3040000 - 9d10+60

30 - 3180000 - 9d10+63

31 - 3320000 - 9d10+66

32 - 3460000 - 9d10+69

33 - 3600000 - 9d10+72

34 - 3740000 - 9d10+75

35 - 3880000 - 9d10+78

36 - 4020000 - 9d10+81

*=Constitution adjustments no longer apply

#=2 attacks/round ...... ##=3 attacks/round

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

I decided not to give the Barbarian 4 attacks per round like the Fighter. I figured with the most hit points possible in the game (198,) I had to give him some severe restrictions. Plus to me, a person that gets 4 attacks/round would need some intense training for that. Barbarians (IMO) do not have that amount of patience. That's also why Barbarians cannot wear plate, suit armors, or use a walled or tower shields. I just don't see Conan (Arnold version ..... don't forget I'm 37,) in huge restricting armors. Imagine Arnold in knightly suit armor? Yea .... that's not right. I lowered the penalty on the duel wield, because to me, Barbarians would learn something like that pretty much from birth. LOL! According to the Rules Cyclopedia, it seems to me like if you use the weapon specialization rules, let's say your Barbarian uses duel wield. You use a Long Sword in your main-hand, and a dagger in your off-hand. Now with your specialization, you get your dagger up to +2 to attack roles. When you duel wield, now your dagger in the off-hand does not have a penalty. However, if the dagger is in the main hand, it receives a +2 to attack roles, but now the sword, (which is in the off-hand,) now receives the -2 penalty. I may have that rule wrong, but that's the way I read it. I thought about attempting rage powers, but then I figured that would make this version of the class to ..... Advanced. Let me know what you all think. Please keep in mind, this is the very first time I have tried to do my own class. Not really my own, but hopefully it doesn't unbalance my BECMI D&D campaign.

I really enjoy GM-ing in The Inner Sea. It seems to me, to have everything I ever liked about all those campaign settings that were available in the 90's. I have one question though:

Is there a product-defining city yet for Golarion? What I mean is, something on the scale of Waterdeep or (more specifically,) The Free City of Greyhawk. Something in that size and scope. Those 2nd Edition maps for those cities just would get my imagination running. If there is a city like that for Pathfinder ..... does it come with a big, beautiful map?

If I had the time ..... I would probably just convert Waterdeep or Greyhawk, but I know my players would know where I got it from. I just want something new and original. Is it out there?

(it would be neat if the city had something like the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk or Undermountain with it too)

I was thinking about this today, and I'm hoping this may work. A few players I have talked to, remember the days when a natural 20 meant automatic double-damage. Ahhhhh .... such easier days. As we all know, when you score a critical, you have to roll a 2nd time to see if you get the x2, x3, etc., modifer from your weapon of choice. Well as I was saying, some of the players I know, have gotten very frustrated with that rule from the D20 system. So I'm thinking this:

For this example, I'll use your standard Fighter, equipped with your standard, (non-magical,) long sword. (Think level 2, character is just starting out.)

A roll of a natural 19-20, is a critical chance with a long sword. My house rule is, on a natural 19, the player rolls the 2nd roll to see if it's a critical hit. On a natural 20, it's an automatic x2 to damage. No second roll needed. Now the kicker is, let's say the Fighter is using a Great Axe. With the great axe, it's critical is x3, and a natural 20 is required for the critical chance. In this case, on a natural 20, the player gets a choice. Don't roll the second time, and you get an automatic x2 to damage, OR, roll the second roll, hit for x3 or risk missing and having it just be normal damage.
The other part of the rule is, let's say your a wizard with a quarterstaff, your fighter is laying on the floor bleeding out. The monster comes at you and hits your weapon and breaks it in half, (for simplicity's sake, it's non-magical quarterstaff ..... level 2 wizard.) With his dying breath, the fighter kicks his long sword to the wizard because the wizzy can't escape right away. The above rule will not apply to the wiz, because he is not proficient with the sword. If he does roll a natural 19 or 20, the normal crit rule applies.

That's what I got so far. I haven't figured out how I can apply this to the druid's natural attacks, or the monk's unarmed strikes. Other than maybe unbalancing things, I also do not want to take away from the Weapon Mastery ability that Fighters get at level 20 per the PF Core Rulebook. Give me your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

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I'm one of those kind of guys who only bought TSR/WoTC only products. 3.5 was starting to get to me, and I just refuse to even think about 4th. I gamer I know at work, suggested Pathfinder, and so I read the reviews on Amazon. Hmmm? Pretty impressive. Today, I went to the mall and bought the Core Rule Book. OMG!!!!! This is what 3rd edition should have been all along. I called my best gaming buddy, (strick TSR/WoTC guy like me,) and we just spent about an hour and a half on the phone talking about all the upgrades and improvements to the base classes. He's downloading the PDF by the way tonight. I'm 35, and I'm finally excited about tabletop gaming again!!! Even the Pathfinder Battles minis look pretty good. Yea buddy!!! Let's get rollin'! Horns to Paizo!!