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”DIO... Kill, DIO...” The last words that escaped your best friends lips before passing from this mortal coil. His body releases a white mist as his eyes close, you suppose this means the arrow worked. You have a stand now... Your friend didn't quite explain what this meant before passing, but he did explain one thing. His death was caused by that bastard DIO... He was poisoned or something of the sort. Time to get up, get out there, and do the work that needs to be done, Pummeling that blood sucker and his cronies until Johan can give him a beating on his way to hell!
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This is a JoJo's bizarre adventure inspired game, initially set in the slums of new york city circa 2040. Automation has taken over, most of the country has had to fall back on welfare after losing their jobs to robots. Turmoil and anger among the populace is growing and amidst all of this, you must avenge your dear friend and destroy the undead bastard that took his life.

Three person game, here's a little setup and the rules.


Your all close friends of the late Johan Kujo, a German exchange student that came too your school three odd years ago. He was a strange man, but a kind one at heart. He's saved all of your lives at one point or another, and now that you know the kind of things he dealt he probably did so quite a few more times than you know about. THIS is why his final wish, to have the man he called DIO killed before his evil can harm the rest of his family was so readily accepted by the three of you. With him now gone, the life of Johans mother and younger half siblings are in your hands.

The day prior to his death Johan said something about a city on the other side of the country that his grandfather was coming in order to escort you all and assist in your battle. All you have to do is survive until he gets here, then you can start your assault.


Standard pathfinder rules with the following alterations.

-10 point buy for you, and stat your phantom with a 20 point buy
-Start at level 2
-Everyone gains a phantom as per the spiritualist class
-No spell casting classes
-The range of your phantom is reduced to 25 feet before it begins to disappear
-All damage you take is also dealt to the phantom and vice versa
-You're Phantom cannot be seen by someone without the ability to summon a Phantom
-Summoning a phantom is a swift action

-This phantom does not gain an emotional focus, instead it gains two unique powers of your choosing and three of the following stand enhancements. Alternatively you can sacrifice two enhancements for a power, or a power for two enhancements.


[b]Powerful- ORA! Your stand gains two extra slam attacks, all their slam attacks deal 1d12 damage and they gain a +4 bonus to strength

[b]Speedy- Your stand is constantly under the affect of the Haste spell and can use the quicken metamagic feat on any ability they may have

[b]Indestructible- Your stand gains DR/- 10 and Energy resistance 8 to all forms of energy, but your stand cannot effectively attack unless it drops these defenses

[b]Independent- Your stand can move separately from you and no longer has a maximum range, it is however, more a follower than an extension of yourself now and is controlled by the GM

[b]Inanimate- Your stand is a tool for you to use, you gain a +4 and a +2 to any two ability score that corresponds to your stands form (Dex and wis for a a gun, strength and con for a hammer, ect) *A stand with this enhancement can have no other enhancements and must take a third custom power

[b]Precise- Your stand is precise enough too perform brain surgery and catch bullets. It gains a +8 bonus on any check that requires precision

[b]Long range- Your stand can go far kid, about 200 feet far actually

That should do it, don't be afraid to ask for concessions when it comes to your stand, they're freaky so no amount of rules by one person could ever cover all the possibilities

I will prefer submissions that are all about being interesting over being strong. Also, a thing to remember is that rule of cool will be reigning supreme here, just like in JoJo. So a seemingly ridiculous Idea is never out of the realms of possibility.

A hot wind blows into Nex from the Mana wastes, a flick of tingly magic is felt settling as it subsides. The city has been bustling lately with its recent expansion into a unrivaled fishing city, due to work by a local druid known as Krain dudawn. There has been talk among the city on how much longer it will be until Nex declares Geb an enemy again, after all, supposedly the only reason they've held off until now is the need for food from the undead state.


Stepping off the boat known as "The lovely lilly" that had brought you to Nex for a reasonable price after a friend of yours suggested you could find well paying work in the new fishing city and its sub stats. It does seem they where right, with just a look around the docks you can see no less than two notice boards every couple hundred feet. Some of the flyers are hung simply with a nail hammered into the board, others are crudely stuck into the wood with a knife.

Criers stand here and there, handing out samples of (mostly fish based) products and asking if people would be interested in work at various establishments. It really does seem like the city is in better shape than any other you've seen. For now Notice boards seem like a good place to start, or maybe you could talk to one of the Criers. If your feeling brave you could even look for tavern work, probably a little less reputable than the other options though.

”This one was brought here in a coma a few hours ago. Its not what we normally do, but we haven't been able to make arrangements for a transfer yet.” You hear these words echo through your head for what feels like a hundred thousand years. Restrained by an unseen force, unable to do anything but listen. Only in the last couple thousand have you noticed that screams and sobs have overlain the words. Slowly the words fade, replaced completely with faint cry of pain that last for another hundred thousand years. Then silence... You scream, but nothing happens, you cry, but nothing happens. This goes on for years more, you hadn't thought you could be driven anymore mad than you already had been, oh how wrong you where.

The silence breaks your mind, at first its only fractures, then pieces begin to fall away. You forget everything about the time before the long wait. And then, just before your mind goes completely, you hear it. ”This one was in a coma before this stuff started, the other two are actually hurt though. If you can help them that would go a long way towards helping us out” The return of a sound sparks something inside of you that begins to corrode the bonds holding you down. A grim determination to break free that you previously thought yourself incapable of rises. All you know is that even if it takes another hundred thousand years you will break free from this, and you will find an answer for the long wait.


Hello everyone!

I have just recently taken up the reigns as GM on a Strange aeons campaign that our previous GM abandoned. As such, we need a new player to fill my spot. No particular roll is needed as I feel the party is pretty well off, so your class choice likely wont affect your chances. Here's the roster

: Dervak is a kind, respectful Half-orc who does his best to control the beast within.

Oscar Whitehall is a jumpy archer, was once reprimanded for fearfully shooting first and asking questions later. Despite being correct on his hunch.

Julius Anderson is a cool headed duelist with a penchant for obscure knowledge.

Mara bint al-Katheeri is a strange half-orc woman whom was discovered under strange circumstances with a small child. Carrys dolls she calls “Mommy and Daddy”.

What will affect chances is making an out of theme character. We all went into this wanting horror feel and I would like to see that reciprocated in your characters, essentially, spooky themed/occult stuff will have a small preference. That's not saying you cant play something a bit more traditional, just put a horror spin on it!

Anywho, I've rambled long enough.


Character creation!

20 PB
2 traits + Campaign trait
Drawbacks are allowed
All official Paizo material is acceptable
Yes even chained summoner
No third party under any circumstances

And remember, if you have an idea that doesn't quite fit within the bounds of pathfinder, I'm willing to work with you. So don't be afraid to ask for a concession on something to make your idea work.

Recruitment will be open until 9/16 at 12:00 pm EST.
May my decision be a hard one.

With all the support its gotten recently its really begun to shine as a build defining feat. There are a bunch of ways you can use it from the classic barbarians furious finish, all the way to the warpriests cleaving smash being a martial fireball if you have reach.

What are your favorite ways to use vital strike? What fits in to a vital strike build nicely? Has there been any vital strike combo you feel has been overlooked?

What special materials do you guys like to use on your arms and armor? I personally enjoy Voidglass for armor, that +1-3 bounus against mind affecting is sooo worth it and I never see anyone mention the stuff.

So this is just a little idea I had with combining the kineticicst and gunslinger. I can only seem to find basic telekenisis in his wild talants. Anyway that could work?

Just a little curiosity I had lately and was wondering if anyone could answer.

1. Give them a "potion of invisibility" that's actually just a potion of vanish.

I am already pretty certain that you can but my friend is trying to tell me you cant.

I just got into a spat with a friend of mine about this and was wondering if you guys could clear it up.

Do The monk robes increase the nonlethal DMG of an order of the hammer cavaliers unarmed strikes?

In a recent PBP recruitment thread someone told me that, if you want to you can use the standard summoner with the unchained spell list. Since I can't find this rule anywhere (why google foo!) I decided to ask you guys if this is correct.

Hello. I registered a PFS character of mine incorrectly. Tack was intended to be a core character but my local Venture captain has informed me that i have entered him as non-core. If there is any way I can fix this I would like to do so.

I know the question was asked before, but I feel there are enough new books out to warrant it being asked again.

So how would you do it? Healing bombs? Healing touch? Give me some advice.

So through a lot of intermingling surcumstances I have died 4 TIMES IN THE FIRST 2 BOOKS OF THE ADVENTURE! In doing so I am now 2 levels behind the party with no way of catching up, (according to my gm I can't gain xp during down time without the risk of death) so I have no idea what to do now... Any ideas?

This line from the bestiary 5 society rules

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 5
Animal Companions: The blue whale, cameroceras, ceratosaurus, chalicotherium, digmaul, kaprosuchus, moa, narwhal, plesiosaurus, therizinosaurus, troodon, and uintatherium are legal for play.

I can't find the stats for a blue whale animal companion. Where is it man I want one!

Here's the down low jack I can do a good rick impression and a friend of mine can do a good morty. Were about to play iron gods. So we thought "Tech adventure! Funny voices! PATHFINDER! HECK YEA!

So we got some ideas on how to do it but we want to hear yours.

I am currently making another of my favorite class, the inquisitor, however I am doing it a bit differently this time. This guy is a reach build, and its the first time using this in a serious game for me. Just wondering if this is about as good as I should be at this level.

Dwarven inquisitor of Besmara lvl 6

Persistence inquisition (we house ruled Besmaras inquisitions)

Str:20 (17 start/ +2 belt/ +1 lvl advancement)


Con:14 (12 start/ +2 racial)


Wis:20 (16 start/ +2 racial/ +2 headband)


Equipment: Dwarven long hammer, spiked gauntlet, living steel breastplate, heavy crossbow, belt of giant strength+2, head band of wisdom +2, amulets of freedom of movement x3, scabbard of vigor, quick runners shirt, sleeves of many garments

Feats: power attack, steel soul, step up, outflank, pack attack, ???(cant decide on my last feat)

Feedback is appreciated.

Has anyone played around with this archatype? Looking at it, it seems like it could get pretty obsurd at higher levels what with the increasing DMG die when you have fewer tentacles.

With all that I could stack onto it I was seeing a potential 6d6+9 DMG not even mentioning the skill bonuses and all the hilarity that can come from being able to just GROW a tentical/tenticals

the title says it all folks Im wondering what would be a good build idea for iron gods as my gm is setting up for running it.

Just general stuff like spell list, items, stats and stratagys.

Point buy: 30

Gold: 410,000

All races and additional resources allowed.

P.s. We are also mythic tier 2 and lvl 17.

So many GM's that I play with are pretty tame with what they will let us get away with.

A new GM that I have just joined a group with says that anything we can make with any paizo material available. Now before this I was pretty constrained. Mostly core, APG, ACG and maybe ARG. But with this guy... He will allow any paizo material.

So I ask you. Help me build a crazy character...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

We've all had that one concept, that one idea, that one abilaty, feat or background we just thought... No to weird.

So I ask you fellow pathfinders? What is a character concept, flavor or feat, magic items (there are some odd ones) that you just couldn't bring yourself to use?

To answer not own question I always wanted to use the demon mother's mask. I wanted to use it to breed an army of snake men over the course of years. There was the problem of actually siring such creatures however... I ended up not doing it fearing the looks that people may have given me at the table.

So in a sea faring campaign I will soon be taking place in I was wanting to use this weapon. I was going to flavor it as swinging an anchor around.

Any ideas on how to use it in a build.


I currently making a character for a very low power game. We start as lvl 1 human commoners we get a 0 point buy and all stats must be at 10 with one +2. What should I do for this?

OK I have been informed that this is a better place to put this.

Credits go to Trajan_ and darthmarth28 for coming up with the archatype. Im going to be playing this in conjunction with hex crafter was wondering what you guys think of the archatype and custom arcanas.

arcane fist archatype

Build suggestions and possible tweeks to it for balancing please. The creator Trajan_ will be seeing this.

What do I pick! He said that I could make one up or pick a pre existing one.

I'm a magus of 3rd lvl using a homebrew unarmed archatype along with hex crafter.

Figured in would post this here to credit goes to Trajan_ and darthmarth28
For making the archatype.

Here's the archatype. arcane fist.

What do you guys think? Good? Bad? Playable?

This archatype was cooked up by my current GM Trajan_ and his pall Darthmarth28

Here you go. arcane fist

I am going to be trying it out but I figured it would be a good idea to get an expert opinion on how it looks.

I plan on starting a pathfinder club at my school this semester and was wondering if you all had any advice on how to attract participants.

OK so the way I'm reading this is that if I take this feat in conjunction with a class that lets me use two handed weapons in one hand
(titan fighter/titan mauler) it would allowe me to use this feat with that weapon due to it being effectively a one handed weapon.

Is this how it would work or am I really bad at interpreting the rules?

So we just started a aquatic campaign and I have decided to make a summoner. the concept is completely open with the only requirement being it must be at least gargantuan as to be a real threat on the open sea's. Any ideas are appreciated!

I recently created a inquisiter of lamashtu who thinks he is doing good in the world due to the madness that came from following lamashtu. while for the short time I have played him he has been fun to RP (he called the party hero's for attacking the town he had been skulking about in due to him thinking the locals where "devil worshipers") I have had some trouble finding a consistent way to play him out.

He clearly wants to help the party and is even crafting magical items with the help of the other casters. His actions are very clearly evil to outside viewers but when he kills anything at all he rationalizes it to himself. What I'm trying to say is I don't know how to run a horribly evil person who is kind and soft in his words....

So recently after 5 months of playing table top rpg's I have had my first character die. It was due to a stupid in character move that I made and it ended up killing my gunslinger. I was really invested in the character and I hated giving him up.

I refused to just put a new name on my sheet and I made a new character.... She died not 4 hours into playing her. After this I was devastated I had just lost 2 characters, one of such I had spent so much time on and the other I had designed specificly not to die.

So I ask you.... How do you deal with a characters death. It felt horrible to see a good persona just die like that and it felt just as bad to see a fresh slate shatter.

Liberty's Edge

So my group recently found ourselves in a very tight spot. To shorten the story I'm just gana say my cavalier sacrificed himself to win the fight. We are about lvl 12 and I am playing a goblin cavalier.

We also have a undead lord in our party..... I was woundering if it would be possible for our undead lord to put the sick undead template on me and then slap all the sweet sweet skeleton stuff on top. And still maintain my counsisness of course.

Liberty's Edge

The stats for her are


She is a core human with these feats

Power attack
Skill foucus (diplomacy)
Combat expertise
Intimidating prowess

Rage powers:

Good for what ails you

Special abilatys
Endure elements (heat)

Gear: hide armor, great sword, backpack, 10 canteens of grog.

I made here because my previous edit gunslinger got killed. he was the party face so I wanted to make her competent in diplomacy.

So I ask you. Any suggestions? Did I mess anything up?

Ok so I'm making my 5th character for pathfinder and up until this point I have played all martial classes. Not even a single ranged character. The magic system has always just seemed so intimidating to me.

So I ask you! What non martial class would you recommend for my first primary caster?