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so funny thing happend my players found a tribe of goblins right and our yuan-ti bluffed them into believing he was a god he then told them to destroy the unfaithful among them which caused them to rip each other to shreds. the children the only survivors worship him as a literal GOD

So My partys palidin whos name is rothgar stripped in the middle of battle yelled I AM ROTHGAR and charged a dragon. Then another of ny caharacters was being drowned by three assassins and after they died and the bodies were taken off from on top of him his first response was breath and he was still underwater. yet another of my party managed to slay a dragon and then his second attqck slay his big toe.

Helloo all im am a beginning dungeon master i just want to hear all the tales of how your players make you laugh and go like What? why did you just do that

My Players they captured an assasin woke him up with abucket of blood from his buddies and interrogate3d him.during intrerragation they were argueing hoe best to kill him right in front of him he broke free of his bonds and charged our gnoll like guy who proceded to bite his arm off he passed out again and this time they woke him up with a bucket of his blood the gnool like guy started munching on his arm at which point the captured dude stopped screaming and started LAUGHING my players broke his mind btw any suggesstions for fuel to terrify my players?