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96B9C5 Comm/Sensor Operator Joyeuse (1123) 38yr Old Rynar Bodo.

About Rynar Bodo

Rynar Bodo- 96B9C5
(Former Marine Korporal & Patrol Korporal)
Species: Human
Homeworld: Joyeuse (Spinward Marches 1123)

STR: 9 (+1)
DEX: 6
END: 11 (+1)
INT: 9 (+1)
EDU: 12 (+2)
SOC: 5 (-1)

0: Admin-0, Athletics-0, Drive-0, Flyer-0, Gamble-0(1), Heavy Weapons-0, Mechanic-0, Medic-0, Science-0, Stealth-0

1: Broker 1, Carouse 1, Deception 1(2), Elect/Computers 1, Explosives 1, Gun Cbt/Energy 1, Investigate 1(2), Melee/Blade 1, Melee/Unarmed 1, Persuade 1, Recon 1, Streetwise 1(2), Tactics/Military 1, Vacc Suit 1

2: Elect/Sensors 2, Gun Cbt/Slug 2

3: Elect/Comm 3

+8 / TL10 / 3kg / 500cr[/b] (appears to be normal SW clothing)
HE Vacc Suit: +10 / TL 12 / Rad 140 / 13kg / 22k cr (-10k Marine benefit)

Aluksen Ase (HUD Pickup):
TL10 / 50m / 4d6+2 / Mag: 15 & 7 (1 & 2) / 450cr+75+250 (775cr)
Fletchette Pistol (HUD Pickup): TL 9 / 3d6-2 / 20mag / 1kg / Auto 4 / Recoil 1 / 250+250=500cr / Ammo cost 10
Body Pistol (Laser +1)- Suppressor: TL8 / 3d6-3 (-6 suppressed) / 10m / 6mag /500+200+250 (1,000cr)
Stunner (laser +1): TL12 / 10m / 3D / .5kg / mag 100 / 200+200cr (400cr) / Stun & Zero-G

Vaerktojsoks: TL10 / 2D+2 / 1.2kg / 35cr
Knife (Composite Stealth): TL1 / 1D+2 / 1kg / 10cr
Unarmed: 1D

AUGMENTS: Wafer Jack TL12 / Storage 4 / 10,000cr (Gamble, Deception, Investigate, Streetwise) 4,000cr

Portable Computer (4,700cr):TL12 / Computer/3 / .5kg / 1,000cr
Intelligent Interface: TL11 / BW 1 / 100cr
Security: TL11 / BW2 / 1,000cr / Difficult 10+
Intrusion: TL10 / BW1 / 1,000cr / +1 Hack (Difficult 10+ Max Difficulty)
Expert: TL11 / BW1 / Admin / TL11 / 1,000cr / +1 Computer
Translator: TL10 / BW1 / 500cr
Intellect: Tl12 / +1 / 2,000cr

Mobile Comm: TL10 / 500cr
Transceiver: TL10 (Comp/0) / 500cr
Commdots (3): 30cr

LI/IR Goggles: TL9 / 1,250cr
Geiger Counter: TL5 / 2kg / 250cr
EM Probe:TL10 / 1kg / 1,000cr

Artificial Gill: TL8 / 4kg / 4,000cr
Environment Suit: TL8 / 1kg / 500cr
Breather Mask: TL8 / 150cr


CASH ON HAND: 10,300cr
LIVING COST: Ship Standard

Training in Skill: Melee/Blade 2
Weeks: 1 out of 8
Study Periods Complete:
Bonuses: N/A

First Term: University of Joyeuse Student- Studied electronics (Comm-2 & Sensors 1 from Graduation with Honors). Partied as much as studied Carouse +1. Failed to Commission into Marines...SOC-1 prevented success. Background Skills: Drive 0, Gamble 0, Mechanic 0, Science 0

Second Term: Marines (Support) Basic Training: Athletics, Vacc Suit, Tactics, Heavy Weapons, Gun Combat, Stealth / Personal Improvement STR +1 / Survived / Advanced Lance Korporal- Melee/Blade +1/ Event: Commander Interested in His Career: Tactics/Military +1

Third Term: Marines (Support) Personal Improvement STR +1/ Low SOC = no chance to commission / Survived / Security on space station Vacc Suit +1 / Advanced (Korporal) / Gun Cbt/Slug +1

Muster out of Marines: END +1, Armor and 5,000cr (paid it all for HE Vacc Suit- $7k cr debt)

Fourth Term Patrol Kadet: Basic Trng: Substitute Skills- Admin-0, Drive-0, Flyer-0 Qualified- Medic-0 / Qualified (Investigative)- Investigate 0, Deception 1, Streetwise / Advanced Skill Explosives +1 / Survived / Advanced Training in own field Persuade +1 / Failed to Advance (Low Social DM prevented success)

Fifth Term- Korporal: Elect/Sensor 2 / Survived / Normal duties gained contacts/informants / Advanced / Gun Cbt/Slug 2 & Investigate 1

Aging Crisis: No negative effect

From Connections: Frey Computer +1, Castor Recon +1 (If they are amenable to arranging when we crossed paths)

From Skill Package: Broker 1 Gun Cbt/Energy 1

Tarondor Bonus: Elect/Comm 3

Mustering Out Benefits:
Marines: END +1, Armor, 5kcr (used armor and credits to by HE Vacc Suit and incurred 7k cr debt)
Patrol: Golden Handshake (17,500cr), 25,000cr and Adulation (Sword World Hero)(paid off HE Vacc Suit)

NOTES: Rynar hails from Joyeuse a harsh frontier world that suffered from civil war. He was from a blue collar working class (SOC 5 DM-1) home. Through his intellect t and hard work, he obtained a great education (Grad w/Honors), though his low class ways prevented him from commissioning in the Marines and advancing his first term in the Patrol. He was, however, adept at interfacing with lower stratus of society.

In prep for an undercover operation to bring down a criminal cartel in the Confederation, he obtained Wafer Jack Augmentation to artificially bump the 4 mental skills he would need to survive the undercover job. He hides this with longish hair and is very careful not to let others know of this augmentation, even though the purpose for it would be socially acceptable. His deep undercover work led toa massive law enforcement raid that brought down the entire faction. Hailed as a hero, politicians paraded him around the public and press. He was a bit tormented by what he witnessed inside the cartel, and his natural boy scout sensibilities were challenged. He couldn't cope with the public attention at a time when he needed to recuperate and regain his moral grounding. Contacts on the ship (Frey and Crastor) arranged for a crew position and he set off.

Until now, he has spent the weeks mostly alone except when sparring with practice blades, pushing weights in the makeshift gym, and quietly performing his bridge duty...otherwise spending lots of alone time with his thoughts and his old acquaintance, Dr Freyja. Before joining the ship, he dyed his hair dark and let his hair and beard grow out to somewhat disguise himself from the notoriety he sought, at least temporarily, to avoid. He has just been known as Bodo, a common Joyeuse name, to hide his ID from those few on the crew who don't already know him.

He is naturally gregarious, but not loud. Quick to laugh and smile with redneck wisdom, humor, and occasional foul mouth...you might relate him to Stephen the Mad Irishman from Braveheart. He can be quite sarcastic.

Botting: Better at Slug shooting than laser. Would be the first to wade into melee.

On entry to each system, he has a habit of downloading all public information files (first while in transit then once on the starport net) on traders and ships for the past 6 months, then downloading that data to his handcomputer. Sets his Intellect/Admin software to work scrubbing the data looking for trends and collating data by trader/ship origin (Imperial, SW, Darrian, etc.). He'll then apply his own intellect+Investigate skill to analyze the data. Then produce a report for the ship owner of his findings. He uses the computer to do this work so he can go find a place to gamble and apply Carouse, Streetwise and Investigate to sift the others in the bar or the game for information to further gain intel.

He is a natural smartass and calculated risk taker. He often is seen reckless and hard-charging, but he's actually calculating...just passionate. Will rush to defend others. Always truthful unless some overriding purpose drives him to deceive. Knows there is genuine evil in the universe...and it cannot be negotiated with!