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Name: Morrigana
Race: Elf (Snowcaster)
Classes/levels: Witch/6
Adventure: The Shackled Hut
Location: The Market Square
Catalyst: Flanked by bacchae

The Gory Details:

All the details:
In fairness, the player was drawing up a new character at the beginning of the session, so he was counting on getting killed. Didn't even apply mage armor that day.

The party rogue and fighter missed game day, so the bacchae had to try and woo a druid, oracle, witch, and monk. Not an easy task. The three bacchae offered their wine to the party and were easily turned down. The party made to leave and the monsters struck. Two of the sisters flanked Morrigana and were helped out by one of the merchants they had charmed. Within a round she was unconscious, and a round later was dead. This despite the fact that the oracle successfully hit one of the bacchae with a curse knocking her strength down to a 12.

We did a pretty cool thing in the game that I'm running that you may consider. We established that one of the characters was a native of Heldren, and he took up adventuring after his wife died. She was a ranger of Ulfen decent, died about five years earlier, while carrying twins...