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MattW wrote:
Nahualt wrote:

This is excellent stuff, I will sure include this with the other affiliations I took from Living Greyahwk.

Would you post a link to the Affiliations from the Living Greyhawk campaign please?

^_^ (starting on page 16 of that zipped pdf file)

Ross Byers wrote:

You can email customer service and ask them to cancel it, or you can post in the customer service subforum and they should help you shortly.

P.S. It's not, strictly speaking, a magazine.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have emailed customer service, and I fixed the mag ref. :)

While the Pathfinder softcover books I received are excellent, I have chosen not to use them or future issues in my campaigns. I originally selected ongoing subscription, but I do not want to have to log in each month and remove the automated addition to my cart of the monthly Pathfinder. In other words, I would like to terminate my ongoing subscription. How do I do this, please? I haven't found anything on the site that indicates how I might.

who had gone

hanexs wrote:
[snip] It seems pretty consistantly slow to me.[/snip]

I must second this. For the last two years, has been _the_ slowest site I access. It is not unusual for me to wait 20-30 seconds for most store pages to load (the rest of the time, it's about a 5- to 20-second wait for every page to load).

I check my bandwidth speed fairly regularly and it's typically rated at ~4 megabits per second (Storage ~500 kilobytes per second, 1MB file download 2 seconds, Subjective rating Awesome) at (my speed is rated similarly at other sites).
But I put up with the speed at your site time and again, because of the invaluable content and features (and I will continue to do so, though it would be wonderful if your site were faster).
edit: it took 12 seconds to submit this message.

Peruhain of Brithondy wrote:
...what about the island where Dragotha's phylactery is supposed to be stored, according to the AoW overload?

possible SPOILER info to follow...????

Not sure about island whereabouts (aka the Library of Last Resort - "a long-abandoned island sanctuary of the last druids") but if you read sections 9 and 10 on page eight of the overload, you'll see that the phylactery is located at the Rift Canyon.

and you might try -- for current info. :)

Icebreaker wrote:

had some time at lunch so whipped it up

Thanks! :)

James Sutter wrote:

A replacement 128 is on its way. Thanks!


Thank you!


Loops! wrote:
Why are all the secret doors (except one in the Sodden Hold Catwalk area) in the Dungeon #127 Online Supplement revealed on the Player Maps???

Wow! I hadn't noticed that. They've removed all the "S"-es but not the rooms.

Glad you caught it... I'll have to do a little judicious editing before turning it over to the PCs for their journal (if they miss the secret doors, that is).


wampuscat43 wrote:
Just curious. Can't really tell from the writeup.

The MM3 has 2 eye rays +7 ranged touch for FULL ATTACK (or lash +7 melee (1d4-3))


Vic Wertz wrote:

With problematic Gulf Coast deliveries these days, though, we'd prefer you wait another week.


Well sir, still no 128.

Did you mean wait three weeks, or to wait until Monday, Oct 17th to ask for a replacement?

I've checked my shipping address and it's listed correctly, but this looks to be the second replacement request for me in two issues. I received my first issue but had to order a replacement for the second and now it looks as though I'll have to do the same for my third issue (128).

Is this just happening in the Gulf Coast? (I live in P'cola FL)

Laeknir wrote:
(And I'm certainly not just saying this just because I already have a copy of #128 in my grubby mits... but partly because it's funny as well as being true. Heh! ;-)


(Easy for you to say, when I STILL don't have my issue 128.)

I appreciate the patience reference, which I agree with. :)

(I don't appreciate the hassle of having to request a replacement issue after having to request one for issue 127, which was sent 8 days _after_ issue 128 was supposed to have been sent and which arrived three days ago.)

Oh well, I'll be patient and give it a few more days.

One more thing...
This site has a lot of info on the quarters/districts of the City of Greyhawk that might help you flesh things out a bit.

Sean Mahoney wrote:
just contacted customer service and they are sending a new one as they indicated it should have arrived by now.

Drat! I live in the FL Panhandle and had to do that for issue 127, which arrived Tuesday. I really, really hope I don't have to do that again for issue 128!! I sure wish Paizo offered a different shipping option besides USPS, because I'd definitely pay to get my issues delivered when they're supposed to be delivered. (Hint, hint.)


Malkari Durant wrote:
Hope this helps. -Malkari

Absolutely! Thanks.

Although if anyone has any thing to add, such as how they played norebonne or dragonfire in their games, I'd appreciate that, too.

Tiger Lily wrote:
Could someone familiar with Greyhawk please post what the city population is supposed to be and what the dimensions are inside the city gates?

According to the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, the current population is 69,500.

The city is roughly elliptical in shape (very roughly) and measures about 3600 feet at its widest and 6400 feet north to south. If you want to see more detail, check out
I have the City of Greyhawk boxset, and that site comes closest to the original that I've found.

Malachias Invictus wrote:
I was not able to find it. Page #?

Page 136 under Special Materials (Kheferu).

The DR vs. earth subtypes is mentioned in the second paragraph. :)

OK. Admittedly, I'm probably just getting senile, but I recall seeing somewhere how to arbitrate/resolve the games of Norebonne and Dragonfire. Maybe it was just DragonChess and the Dagger toss with Tirra that had rules... ?
At any rate, does anyone know where those rules can be found OR does anyone have suggestions as to how they might be played (or how you played them)?
I have a couple of players who loves gambling when given the opportunity, and I know it's going to come up.
Thanks, Eric

K wrote:
I'd use that red metal from Sandstorm. It negates the DR of Earth subtype creatures, which would make sense as the Windlords were fighting evil earth elementals.

Kheferu is an excellent suggestion.


windnight wrote:
so, since i'm actually doing this via the (rather large) maps on, i was wondering if anyone could let me know where the rift canyon / wormcrawl fissure is

Hi. Since you're already on, look for Eric Anondson's maps. He created a great map (richly drawn and detailed) of the Bandit Kingdom region and identifies the Wormcrawl Fissure by name (south west of the Tangles/west of the Rift Canyon). You can't miss either on this map: mp;lid=69

oh... and I have been using this Anondson map: mp;lid=93

(among others) for the Diamond Lake region.

Jeremy Walker wrote:
If there is enough demand I might be willing to post his character sheet online at some point.

Hi. Did you ever post Demon Boy's character sheet? I'd still like to see it and am sure others would, too!

Thx. :)