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100. Pet the cat not quite as long as she wants.

Just add a quick +1 to the number of UK inhabitants registering interest in playing.

Any known Pathfinder GMs in the Aberdeen area ?

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Benchak the Nightstalker wrote:
Sebastian wrote:
Just about to enter. How many words are in "all work and no play make Sebastian a dull boy?"
Depends on how many times you repeat it. :D

The 'dull boy' is a great wondrous item: I see it as a sort of slow-witted marionette-golem, that can be sent on tedious errands.

It is bound to Sebastian's service by the strings of boring habits: can't break his commands as long as it is kept working. But when Sebastian leaves it idle, the strings grow slack and it runs off to join the cast of the local puppet theatre.

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I've entered. Used almost exactly 300 words. It's an item I could see eating several hours of game session as the players have fun figuring it out. But all the things I think make it nifty end up not appearing in the 300 word description.

I've got the stat block, but it would be the game notes that made it live. And they're not required for the contest.

Anyone else having that feeling?

I'm a big Hugh Cook fan, bought the whole series on e-bay just to get that elusive last volume.
He's smart, he's funny, I'm glad to hear you're bringing him back to print.

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. I've placed my order. Just off to download now.

P.S. Looking forward to the release of the Razor Coast sourcebook as a PDF sometime this month ?

It sounds like fun to run.

Just for clarity:

'OGL' means I could run it for players with the 3.5 PHB, AND for players with the Pathfinder Alpha Release and neither would wish they had the other book ?

And is the Razor Coast tied to Golarion at all ? Because I'm wondering about trying to adapt it into a Sword & Sorcery Scarred Lands campaign, and would like to slot it onto the South edge of their Blood Sea.


Yes - I'll play Pathfinder or 4E any time somebody shouts 'game on' in my vicinity. I might well run Pathfinder, because I have new players entering the group and I'll be able to issue them with a free copy of the PDF. But I'm not planning on running 4E until I find something about it that makes its mechanics worth learning.

Played 4E for the first time last night.
Saw and handled the books for the first time too.

DM who usually shuns miniatures felt he had to use miniatures.
I thought the layout of the exploits and abilities was overly similar to the little cards that come with the miniatures.
Looked like you could replace your character sheet with a labelled card case of pre-packaged abilities.

The art work is of high quality but had so much cleavage on show, I felt it was tarty. And I really don't like the dragon born: like a cross between Barney's girlfriend and a pangolin.

The equipment list, with its 50gp plate armour looked overly stylised and not like part of a fantasy world.

We fought lots of things but little to no non-combat stuff and none of it memorable.
That's probably the Games Day scenario being written as an introduction to the combat system.
I'm not going to claim that it is impossible to RP in 4E.
But having one skill for 'Thievery' makes it hard to set up a Rogue caper where one member of the party is the cracksman and another the second storey man.

4E didn't do anything for me that I couldn't get from 3.5 without re-buying the core books.

When and if the on-line exploitation starts, I'm looking forward to being able to get an on-line game when insomnia keeps me awake at 04:00 in the morning. Hurry up and come milk my bank account because that added gaming opportunity is the only thing I see as an advantage in 4E.