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I ended up with one ticket to 1-00 for Friday at 2PM and one ticket to 1-03 for Saturday at 2PM. Is there anyone who has a ticket to either of these events that would be willing to trade me for the other?

I would prefer to play only one scenario with a friend than to play both by myself.

The exchange can happen at GenCon. I don't want to deal with trying to swap them in the GenCon ticketing system.

Grand Lodge

Does the +3 to a second will save from Perseverance work with the Spellbreaker Inquisitor Archetype's Strong-Willed class feature that lets you roll twice and take the better result?

Grand Lodge

If you're like me you think the Vigilante class is pretty sweet and you want to make one right away. Unfortunately, the way the talents are laid out in Ultimate Intrigue makes picking Social and Vigilante talents more cumbersome than other class options. Making matters worse for vigilante class talents is that any prerequisites are listed at the end of the talent description. Feats, for example, usually come with an excellent table that lists the feat, any prerequisites, and a brief description.

I really like the way feats are presented in a nice, concise table. So I put all the vigilante and social talents into an excel spreadsheet that is able to be sorted and filtered. And since my friends and I all found it quite helpful, I figured I should share it with the rest of the Pathfinder players.


There is a tab for social talents and a tab for vigilante talents. you can sort and filter by any of the columns. I tried to keep the descriptions short and accurate.