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I think this is really cool and your ideas are really interesting, but it sort of reads like you wrote this over the course of several days and did not really go back and look at what you had written, so it does not fit together really well. It has so many cool elements, but look at what crystal said about the dry cave in the marsh. Or the tsunami from a hurrican. Some simple research or logical thought could have prevented these. This is my second favorite and makes me sorry that I only get one vote.

Before I comment on this, isnnt the changling the baby that is left behind, not the one that is taken?

My comment keeps deleting itself, but basically I agree that there is too much going on here. It is too much to keep track of and it is not cohesive.

I love this entry, this has my vote for sure. It is really unique and original, but I think that the game mechanics are really well thought out. I love a good sandbox to explore. It is one of the main reasons that I game, so that I can explore. I get why people think that there is too much happening in this, but that is the number on reason I like it. It is totally nonlinear. but at the same time there is an achiavable goal.