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James Jacobs wrote:

Please ask one question per post. I no longer answer wall-of-text lists of questions because it was getting out of hand with too many people posting complex questions.

And I prefer folks use the term "flavor" instead of "fluff," since the definition of fluff implies "material of no consequence" or "incorrect."

Sorry about that, and man do I feel awkward, now. I guess I'm most interested in the sixth, about what the Kundalini flow might be, beyond being known as what is used to awaken Chakras.

1: I play in a pretty large living world, where some players are getting to the point of high mythic along with level 20, and was wondering where the power scale between gods and "the height of mortal power" flavored by Mythic 10 lies. Most PCs in this situation are taking advantage of Divine Source, and declaring themselves gods by their own right, despite what I'd think is a significantly large power gap. Is such a being actually capable of physically harming a god, let alone one of the older ones like Sarenrae or Pharasma?

2: As a follow-up of the above, what are things that proper gods can do, that even these mightiest of mortals couldn't manage without a true ascendance, and probably some experience using that kind of power?

3: We've seen a lot of fluff for deific heralds, but there's often two other divine servitors left very undefined. Will there be any future fluff for secondary and tertiary divine servitors?

4: (a)It's stated that divine beings can't enter the plane of positive energy. What exactly constitutes the definition of "divine being", here? (b)Can mortals slap on some planar adaptation and enter the plane just fine?

5: Fluff for Chakras states the belief that Ki flows from the plane of positive energy, collecting in the body (for a gross sum-up). If Ki is a force of life, why would it continue to collect in an undead body, which seems to be the case of the Enlightened Vampire?

6: What precisely is the Kundalini Flow? If it flows from the ground below, my personal guess is that it's the essence of the material, and counterpart to Ki, which I then imagine is the essence of the spiritual. I could see how drawing that in and combining both would be strenuous, and have such results...

7: If Sarenrae was apparently an angel before reaching deityhood, what do you think might have caused her ascension?

8: If someone took the time to create a wholly new language, would Baalzebul auto-learn it, or send some minions to barter its teaching?

All I got for now, but I may be back for more! Thanks for your time, dude.

lemeres wrote:
Relzyrx wrote:
I've not heard of either of those! I shall have to look them up.

Nature fang is a druid archetype that gets rid of wildshaping in favor of getting some slayer class stuff for boosting attack/damage. It is fairly decent if you want 9 spell levels and already have a preferred shape (since you are a werewolf, why bother turning into other animals? it just ruins the flavor).

It keeps the animal companion, and gets a grand total of 1d6 of sneak attack just so it can free action activate its studied target ability (...which could leave you with your swift action that can be used for cornugon smash /hurtful combo that gives an extra attack). Since wolves make great flank buddies, you can reliably pull off sneak attacks with this build even if the extra damage is only ever going to be 1d6.

So it isn't a bad path to follow.

It sounds great, though honestly I'd like to avoid much dealings with a spell list.

I've not heard of either of those! I shall have to look them up.

I really want to stick with just the bite/claw/claw though, so definitely planning to buff those.

I like the thought of Wis to AC, I can backstory two monk levels into this.

Huh. I didn't even think of haste interacting with natural attacks.

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I'm making a Rougarou Were Direwolf using the Monstrous Lycanthrope template, and will take Aspect of the Beast right out of the gate for claws.

What are your recommendations for a bite-claw-claw natural weapon build with some good tripping on the side?

Mark Carlson 255 wrote:

Did the rope have a special ability on it to prevent any shape changing or poly effects?


As far as I'm aware, regular rope. I imagine shifting into Fox shape, I'd just be entangled for a moment. The ropes wouldn't meld, they were holding the kitsune up, hanged on a meathook.

A +2-4 sounds like a fair ruling for staying medium size but changing body shape.

avr wrote:
Yes, yes, yes and yes I think. Polymorph effects beat rope. Is there some reason to think otherwise?

It was actually the subject of a brief OOC argument I had with an experienced GM recently. Upon further research, I shall argue to him that if a wizard can attempt to cast a spell without somatic and material components, or attempt to use a spell-like ability, then a Kitsune may use the supernatural ability Change Shape without problems.

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It doesn't seem clear what type of movement using Change Shape is. Action type is clearly defined, able to be upgraded from standard to move to swift.
The scenario is this: A Kitsune with Realistic Likeness is tied up while impersonating a big fellah. Not large size mind you, but big enough. He wants to use Change Shape to become that thinly built old man he talked to the other day to more easily escape the rope. Can he?
Next, assume his change shape is a move action.
Now what if it's a swift action with Swift Kitsune Shape Changer?
What about if he instead wants to use Fox Form?

Generic Villain wrote:

Just for fun, I decided to go through various PF products and compile a list of languages.

** amazingly complete list of languages **

Are there any that I'm missing?

Kasatha, spoken by the race Kasatha, from the Advanced Race Guide.