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@Ceer: Because Reigart's establishment also houses the only Pathfinder lodge in Mwangi, he has much in the way of adventuring gear available.

"I think I can spare a tent for you lot, though if you're not going to purchase it, I'll have to ask you to return it later. They're generally in high demand from the Pathfinders... when there are any of the fools around, that is!"

Reigart looks up at the darkening sky and says, "Best be on your way. Good luck... you'll need it."

Reigart gladly offers up to ten days of rations to each person who needs them. "You should be able to re-stock at the camp, though you're likely to have to pay for your food there."

"Malgri is a woman, in fact, and half-elven. She set up a camp several years back at the site of some old ruins. Originally it was intended as a sort of trading and peace-keeping effort between the human and elven peoples she was descended from, but most of the elves have moved on, and now it's become a sort of permanent waypoint for people traveling in that area."

"As for the trail, it's certainly suitable for horses and ponies. It used to be a much wider road of some kind and the jungle has crept in a bit around the edges, but it's perfectly suitable for mount or man."

Reigart says to Ku,ada, "I'm happy to offer rations, if you don't mind dried fruits and grains. I can never tell whether you elf-types actually like the food I'm giving you or not!"

Reigart looks at each of the four in turn and a smile slowly forms on his face. "Well, by the looks of you folks, you just might come out alive."

Reigart turns to Mo'butu, who has just offered his services as a guide.

"Dardin and Kaeviel took the Ruby Trail east through the jungle, all the way to Malgri's Camp. It's a long trip- about ninety miles- but the trail certainly helps. It takes about five days on foot. From there, all I know is that they went north, into the jungle, towards Usaro. Someone at the camp might know more."

"You folks look ready to go, but if you need any supplies, I'd be happy to help in any way that I can."

Feel free to make knowledge checks and/or ask Reigart questions before you head out.

Reigart grimaces bitterly at the newcomer's mention of King Silverback, and says, "Aye, Tameka Hite is the one you speak of. She was the first to disappear. And how we have missed her! Now we've lost two others: My own son, Dardin Sharrowsmith, and his companion, a halfling named Kaeviel Thornleaf, failed to return from a routine expedition. They were sent to scout out some ruins which we thought were not too close to Silverback's territory-- but perhaps we were wrong. With three pathfinders missing and most of the others away, there's no telling when they'll be able to send someone to find out what's going on."

He raises his formidable eyebrows in Rheed's direction and says, "You say you want to go back and look for Tameka Hite? Well, there are others missing as well, and though I don't represent the society directly, I can say for certain that you'll receive a hefty reward from a certain dwarf for bringing back word of their fate, or better yet, for bringing them back alive: especially my son Dardin!"

@Ceer: That sounds good.

The dwarf, Reigart, turns and looks up at Ku'ada. "What happens with the Society? I'll tell you what happens! They run off on adventure after foolish adventure and eventually they stop coming back! You wouldn't have happened to have seen a dwarf, about so high-" he gestures at a level slightly taller than himself, "-with a big red beard and a big red shield?No, I thought not. Well, if you do, tell him to get his forge-forsaken hide back home!"

Reigart looks up when Ceer calls his name. "Speaking of fools," he says loudly as Ceer steps up, "if that isn't my young friend Ceer, I'll eat my whole next shipment of bristlefruit by myself!"