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Full Name

Randolf Culpher




Signifer 11







Special Abilities

Channelling Blast! Seething Hate! Flapping Cloak!




Asmodeus, Lord of Contracts


Absalom High Court (basement office)


Common, Infernal


Contract Lawyer

Strength 12
Dexterity 8
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 20

About Randolf Culpher

Randolf Culpher portrait

"Get these peasants out of my way, lest they taste the ire of House Thrune!"

The snotty single child of a coach parking inspector and an income tax auditor in Egorian, Randolf Culpher earnt everything he has through a mixture of vile social wiles, cruel manipulation of the mob and the ability to look great in uniform while marching perfectly.

Randolf was only seven when he beat a smaller child black and blue for not being able to correctly recite the nine layers of Hell.
He was nine years old when he earnt his final merit badge in the 'Charthagnion Youth Order for Boys Displaying Citizenry' (a group he still visits to give lectures on discipline and combating 'vile urges.')
He never managed to properly earn a scholarship to one of the great Chelish colleges, but through a mixture of lies and manipulation of stupider children to do his thuggery, he managed to enter the Order of the Godclaw on a third-rate scholarship.
In his first year, he was nearly expelled for claiming Asmodeus had marked him with the ability to see into the future (and only told him the correct results for greyhound races, leading to unscrupulous betting practices). Although much of Randolf's claims were trickery, he had been blessed by Asmodeus the power to cast divine spells.

Five years after entering the Order, Randolf was approaching time to serve his nation on the field of battle. Senior Hellknights, noting his loathsome ability to undermine and discourage the efforts of those above him, decided to use Randolf as a ploy to unseat Paracountess Zarta Dralneen in the Chelish Absalom Embassy. Randolf took to this task with glee, his naturally prudish nature making him a born enemy of his so-called Paracountess.
He now serves the Pathfinder Society, keen to look for chances to topple Zarta Dralneen and be a favoured son in the new Chelish order of Absalom society.

Favoured Class: Signifer (+1SP)
Domains: Trickery, Law.
Traits: Sacred Conduit, Armour Expert.

1 Cleric - Warrior Priest, Selective Channeling.
3 Cleric - Command Undead.
5 Improved Channel.
6 Signifer - Quick Channel.
9 Extra Channel.
11 Quicken Spell.

Inventory Request:
Stygian Shell +4 Fullplate
Red Emblem +4 Buckler
Stygian Spurs Boots of Springing and Stepping
Grimalkor's Razor +2 Keen Cold Iron Scimitar
Skull of the Cacodaemon Phylactery of Negative Channelling
Hellfire Ring Ring of Protection +2

Adventure History:
Severing Ties.
THORNKEEP - Accursed Halls.
Mists of Mwangi.
The Disappeared.
Race for the Runecarved Key.
Sanos Abduction.
Storming Diamond Gate.
THORNKEEP - Forgotten Laboratory.
Fortress of the Nail.
Fabric of Reality.
Ironwood Watch.