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I just want to thank you Raynulf for this amount of work and all these good ideas you are sharing with us. My group will start tomorrow and i will use a lot of your suggestions, i think my players will love it.

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When EZG writes such a review about a 3pp product, i buy it in a blink of an eye!

We play the german version, but we will start playing Hells Rebels on english soon.


Carrion Crown (Kadaverkrone on german) Gm
Reign of Winter (Winterkönigin) Gm


Rise of the Runelords (Das Erwachen der Runenherrscher) Book 2 Gm
Skulls and Shakles (Unter Piraten) Book 1 Player

About to start:

Hells Rebels Gm
Starfinder Dead Suns Player as soon as possible

I am a backer of your Archetype Compendium and of the new Culinary Magic Kickstarter. I love your work and would like to see what you do with gremlins!

1. Reign of Winter: I love the Story and Book 5 is outstanding
2. Hells rebels: judging only from reading but this AP seems to be so good
3. Carrion crown
4. Rotrl