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Maybe its just me and i could be totally wrong which is fine. But I cant find a real reason to go alchemist without some other dedication or visa versa. It seems to be better as a dedication for another class to pick up. This seemed like a longer thing till i typed it out but feel free to ask questions or for clarification.

Sorry i didnt notice. I made the post on my phone so i didnt see playtest. But yea basically it just seems like most fights your just chooseing weather to hit something or not since you dont have actual skills like specific attacks like a caster would for example.

Let me preface this by saying maybe it's just the way our campaigns or fights have been going. I am relatively new to DND type games. The issue I find myself running into is it seems like when it comes to Caster type characters it's easy for them to be very versatile as well as do damage well. But when it comes to the melee or ranged characters it seems very simple like everyone gets power attack everyone gets vital strike but those are pretty much her only real skills and at the end of the day when it comes to your turn casters have all these options what are melee or ranged characters either hit something or they don't. So basically I'm just looking for advice on how to mix up combat Since it's not like a video game per se where has you level up you get more skills kind of like a Caster would get spells. I really hope that makes sense it took a really long time just to figure out what I wanted to ask. I'm more than happy to elaborate or clarify if anyone needs