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Bluddwolf wrote:


After reading what you are looking for, and it is a great deal, you may want to wait a long while before trying this game. I'd wait at least until they put dungeons in.

Thanks for the advice.

While agreeing entirely with your premise, your oblique reference to 'in the news recently' fails to acknowledge that the world we inhabit is rather larger than you appear to realise.

Audoucet wrote:

It isn't a theme park, so no quests per se, and probably no big complex strategies, so you are ok about that.

You can have multiple characters, if you want to be more useful quickly, but it's not necessary, your main character can learn to do everything with enough time. But if you want a second character, you will have to play a second subscription, if you want him to gain XP (XP is gained over IRL subscription time, not in game actions).

Many thanks for the response.

'Being more useful' is one of the arguments used, in this other place to which I refer, for having multiple characters. IMO, not a good sign. I believe that good teamwork is a function of capability and familiarity, and one cannot become familiar with the capabilities of a character who's... simply not there.

I find the idea of gaining 'XP' via IRL subs time a rather odd one, too, though it would have the advantage of side-stepping the perceived need to 'grind levels'. But if 'experience' is not gained by in-game activity -- and there are no quests (?) to pursue -- I'm left wondering where, then, is the sense of achievement?

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What about Brave Sir Robin's tactic?


I have two questions before trying this out:

1. Does this game allow (or encourage) multiple characters per player?

2. Will it be expected that one venture out of the game world to read up on 'strats' if one is not to be considered lame?

One game I've played has, for me, largely been ruined by the ongoing development decision to satisfy the alt-loving toonswitchers by implementing 'updates' over the years to make things ever easier for those who want to run their many characters through the same content ever more quickly to the mythical 'end game'.

The other fun-killing factor has been the ever-present tendency to encourage spoilers (fostered in the main, sadly, by those in 'play'). What point embarking upon a quest if one merely need seek a nother-worldly oracle to reveal the path and avoid its twists and turns? Far, far better not to waste one's time, and instead go and read a good book.

Thank you for listening.