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Does anyone know if or when they're planning to release a hardcover version of this?

I can sign in fine, but I can only access the messageboards through a link from outside paizo. everytime I click on my downloads, any messageboards links from within the site, my account, or my subscribtions. I can click on my account name, check shopping cart and wishlists, and browse the store, but that's about it. When I try to access my downloads (or any of the other things I mentioned) it redirects me to the home page (with a "if you are not [account name] click here message at the bottom for no discernible reason) I just spent over $40 dollars on pdfs and I can't download them.
(I know this is thread necromancy, but I can't start a new thread or look for something closer. this is the thread that google popped out when I tried to search for information on this problem.)

Never mind, I just took another look, and now I'm wondering what channeling a spirit of wrath or desire or whatever has to do with growing dragon wings and tentacles.

Ssalarn said wrote:
The systems were kept similar enough that you could use them together if you wanted (I do!). The Daevic was meant to kind of fill a middle ground between the Totemist and the idea of the Soulborn (the class itself, as most fans will recall, was terrible), so if you want to drop the Totemist into a Pathfinder game, you can probably give him access to the Daevic veilweaving list, update his class skills, and not have to do much else. Do give the Daevic a try though, it should go a long way towards satisfying your natural attack monster cravings, particularly Daevics who choose Wrath (Vengeance) as their passion.

except the part I loved about the totemist was that many of his soulmelds were based on beasts. I used one as an assassin against my players, and it was great watching them go "wtf?" at the description of this guy with dragon wings and chitin and such. The Daeva is channeling emotional deific entities, not creating a pair of gorilla arms to go with his tail and acid spit. Basically, yeah the mechanics are basically the same, but I like the flavor and options of the totemist better.