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I must be missing something in the book that talks about this. From what I'm seeing you can cast slow on someone who is quickened which would stack since they are separate conditions that don't mention interacting with the other.

Normal: 3 Actions
Quick: 3 Actions + 1 Stride/Strike
Slow: 2 Actions
Quick+Slow: 2 Actions + 1 Stride/Strike

If anyone can direct me to the relevant text that points to the interaction between these 2 conditions that would be great otherwise I guess this is how it works.

A wall of force is an invisible Wall.

If a creature was to attack said wall after determining it was there would the creature have to roll a miss chance?

My thought was yes because it is invisible and has ac/tac. A invisible creature that is sensed has a dc11 miss chance. So it equates to you swing at the wall and just misjudge how far or close the wall was to you.

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Too many people, I believe, in these threads are trying to equate the Pathfinder Playtest to Pathfinder 1e.

We, on this forum, are here because Paizo has allowed us to assist them in their endeavors in creating a new edition of Pathfinder. All of us obviously care deeply about the Pathfinder system and are excited to see the changes that Paizo has in mind.

This means all of us get very passionate and zealous about the new rules and how we would like to see them changed. Which in the grand scheme is great and I'm sure Paizo appreciates heavily the time and effort each of us are making.

However, I have seen a lot of comparisons made throughout the threads between this new system and 1e. Which makes it difficult to look at what ideas really can improve the Playtest and what is more about just wanting to continue making content for 1e.

I have no problems with people wanting more things for 1e. I think it's great that people are still having ideas for it and fully encourage people to explore those ideas. Perhaps even make some kick-ass third-party products.

But this specific forum, these threads under the banner "Pathfinder Playtest" are here to test, discuss, and improve what will be the Second Edition of Pathfinder. So please stop comparing the two and instead focus on what you'd like to see adjusted about this new system. Create threads about what new feats you would like to see, how you would like to see a new class implemented, perhaps an observation about a rules weakness/strength, or even just a thread asking for clarification. These are the kinds of things that will help shape this new system we are all here to support.

Thank you and have fun Playtesting

So not sure if this was just an oversight or intended, but I noticed that the splash rules seem to indicate that all squares around the target are subject to splash damage.

Now in 1e splash included the line "If the target is Large or larger, you choose one of its squares and the splash damage affects creatures within 5 feet of that square."

Since this line doesn't exist in 2e, splash damage when hitting a large creature hits all 12 squares around the creature?

Another thing, I noticed Mark back on 9/14 mentioned that a rule about large and up creatures taking splash damage as well as normal damage when hit was to come out in an errata but we haven't seen anything on it yet. Is that still a thing coming out?

I was reading through the large thread in the general section on TPKs within Doomsday Dawn and I started wondering how many of those deaths came from bad balancing, tough encounters, unlucky rolls, or bad choices.

So I come to the GM section to ask other GMs, what has killed your party and why was it able to? I'd like to breakdown encounters and decisions that lead to character deaths to really see what is causing it and from there discuss ways of improving that aspect of the game.

For example. During Lost Star i had a goblin rogue in the group get ambushed by the centipedes. While he took very little damage from the fight he did get poisoned by the end of it. He failed to shrug it off (DC 12) over the full course (6 rounds) of the poison and ended up dropping on the last turn. But the party was able to heal him up afterwards through the Bard and a found elixer. I was very surprised that he kept failing when he had an 11/20 chance of making the save and only managed to change the severity once. I also rolled 1s and 2s for damage pretty consistently which helped him not die but that was a major surprise to have it go the full duration.

Have we heard any word on how players can go about harvesting poisons to make Alchemical Poison? It says for Alchemical Poisons that they had to be refined to be usable but nothing about obtaining the poison in the first place.

If we haven't I have no problem waiting until they can detail the methods and requirements to do so. Don't want to scew the Playtest results by trying to Homebrew a rule on getting and using poisons.

Hi guys,

This is my first post on here so I'm sorry if it's not 100% clear.

So whenever I make a PC I always try and make it so that they have an interesting quirk about them so they aren't just action hero #5

. For instance my first character I ever made was a ranger that had such a deep hatred for goblins that if he even saw one he had to go and kill it. This angered the party because they had tried to capture one to get information out of it but my character killed it before it could speak.

Another character was an alchemists that really liked explosives and didn't really care if he or any party members were in the blast radius as long as it hit the enemy more. He was also incredibly intelligent and had a strong malicious side to him to the point that he tricked the party and snuck away from them just to make them bait for the enemy while i snuck up behind them and then basically nuked the area. My fellow players got mad that I didn't tell them the plan I had come up with for the encounter. However I knew that even telling them out of character would have changed their in game movements.

So TLDR how do I play my character with all his quirks without angering my party because I made a dynamic character?