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I don't know why anyone wants it. I've seen where Goattoucher has put it.

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"THE" Poog of Zarongel wrote:

No, goblinz be neither communizts nor demmokratz.

We is pure chaos...speak of which.....LUNCH!!!

(Chases the bird with a dogslicer)

So libertarian then,

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Your channel is scrambled on my tv.

Can I interest anyone in some fresh baked troll jelly cakes?

Message board troll wrote:
Triphoppenskip wrote:
Now that it's come up posting on the same topic under a different alias does seem kinda weird.
Agreed it's kind of like talking to yourself in a way.

Yeah totally odd.

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KenderKin wrote:
One day I am going to realize that everyone else in this thread is just one person with a bunch of aliases......

No way.

No goat will come within 100 miles of Goattoucher.

Don't worry Pulg. It's happened to the best of us. *goes off and weeps in the corner*

GoatToucher knows where that shiv has been.

You clever bastard.

Somebody said cheese! Where's the cheese!?

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Avatar of Zon-Kuthon wrote:

*Screams in pain.*

Oh, the agony!

*Starts to smile suddenly.*

Oooh, the agony!

*Turns to Private Tiny.*

By the way, how's the gift I sent you?

I made some lovely underwear out of the MBT hide. I like wearing it after a hearty meal of beans and peppers.

Yoink! I'll be taking that win now thank you.

Cluny the Scourge wrote:

Private Tiny is AWOL, good for him.

Yeah seems the browser at work and Paizo's new security feature aren't compatible. My boss is happy about this, me not so much.

*appears in full gimp suit rolling a giant barrel of ointment*

The bear smells trouble to the west eh. *Starts heading east*

Grandpa Wonderbra wrote:
Say, wasn't that MBT's last life?

Gotta say that one did look like it could be permanent.

*nom nom* Don't care....cookies...*nom*

When you hear a rumble like that brewin from MBT's backside you run.

I was just standing around minding my own business when a foul wind came and blew me three counties over.

Looks like you've come down with a case of mange Cluny.

*hands Uncle Teddy a flier* Support group meets on Tuesdays.

Cluny is banned for no longer looking like me.

And with Bill and John on his shoulders Private Tiny marched off into the sunset with the win.

The End

More fireworks woohoo! I'm in come on Bill grab your new friend John and lets go watch the show.

*looks at the crater and splintered remains* I'm thinking this regeneration may take awhile.

HA! Meat so vile it can make a rat barf.

Such colors...sniff...so beautiful...

Oh and it will probably be a good idea to stay away from the outhouse for the next few hours. Better make it days just to be 100% safe.

I think he may be missing an arm now but it will grow back.

Run kids! That is not chocolate coming out of the piñata!

Go take a whack at the big ol donkey piñata hanging in the yard BL. Ignore any screams of pain you might hear coming from it they're just your imagination.

Hey MBT I have candy and as a special treat we have a donkey costume for you. And for extra fun we will tie a rope around your waist and let you swing from a tree.

Keep heading east. You'll get there eventually.

My guess would be China.

I'll take a smore and the second place for the rug. MMMMM smores....

Slightly charred trollskin rug for sale. Will also trade for the win.

Goddity wrote:
And I invented the universe by proving the 1=0. It all comes full circle.

And I shall destroy it by dividing by 0. BWAHAHA

Why thank you.... Uhh I mean squeak.

Yeah dirty no good troll. *Wipes crumbs off shirt* Shhh Bill. I won't tell if you won't.

Oh and btw MBT is dead again.

I'll get the "special" paddle for your birthday spanking boss.

mmmm cheese...err I mean squeak.

Poor MBT, it's April Fools Day a day specifically for trolls and he's still smoldering over in the corner.

Giant cats... no problem I'll just sick MBT on them. Now where is he? Oh... still dead....RETREAT!!!!

Yoink. I'll be taking that.

Would AoZK go on spring break? Would that be a spring break anyone would want to attend?

Sadly that is his inside voice.

Why yes you are. Well now your not.


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