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Danger: +2, Freak: -1, Savior: +1, Superior: +3, Mundane: 0


Potential: [x] [x] [] [] [] | Conditions: Insecure|

Horizon, Gallowglass, Frostbite, Psych, Scorch, Mosaic, Stone (Racist)

About Praetoria

Danger: +2
Freak: -1
Savior: +1
Superior: +3 (Locked)
Mundane: 0 (Locked)

1) Unlock the remaining two powers of your suite (DM Approved: Back to Eye Beams and Super Senses)

2) Rearrange your Labels as you choose, and add +1 to a Label.

3) Sanctuary - Praetor Tower
Three Features:
Powerful Computer - The Taylors situation room has a supercomputer that is among the strongest on the planet.
Useful Tools - Within the restricted areas of Praetor Tower are exercise and training facilities, and all sorts of other useful knick knacks and tools.
Art, Music, and Food - In the lower levels of the Tower are a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues. Upstairs in the private areas are impressive cooking facilities, a private theater, game/party room, etc.

Draws Dangerous Attention + Location Known to Many

4. Before we get started: When you have time to closely observe your opposition before a fight, roll + Savior. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1 and mark a condition. During the fight, you can spend your hold to name a character you observed and...:
• ...redirect their attack to another character or nowhere—into a wall or the sky.
• ...cross a distance between them and you.
• ...stun them, close up or from a distance.
• ...ignore all harm from one of their attacks.
• ...escape any bindings or impediments they attempt to place on you.


6. Stand up for something
When you stand up for something, roll + Savior. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one.
• listeners can’t keep doing what they’re doing
• listeners can’t flee without addressing you
• listeners can’t attack you without losing status or position

7. Lock a Label (Superior), and add +1 to a Label of your choice (Danger).

8. Symbol of Authority
When you give an NPC an order based on authority they recognize, roll + Savior. On a hit, they choose one:
-do what you say
-get out of your way
-attack you at a disadvantage

On a 10+, you also take a +1 forward against them. On a miss, they do as they please and you take a -1 forward against them.

Kayla is the eldest daughter of Trent and Samantha Taylor, more commonly known as The Praetorian and Ultra-Star, two of the most influential superheroes of Halcyon City in recent history. Unlike many heroes, their feats span the globe rather than being limited to the city. However, once their work is done, it is Halcyon City that they call home. The Praetorian is a skilled fighter with incredible strength and, for all intents and purposes, completely invincible. Ultra-Star is capable of flying as well as channeling cosmic power into blasts of energy from her hands.
Kayla's family is one of the few fourth generation hero families to still actively take part in heroics in Halcyon City. Most of the others either have been killed off by villains, retired to a "normal life", not passed on the "super" gene to their offspring, unfortunate cases, become villains themselves. They Taylors, however, have proven to be a beacon of heroics for several generations of heroes.

Kayla and her younger brother Shane have, as such, grown up in the spotlight of this legacy, fully expected to take part in the heroics of the world and carry on the "family business." It wasn't uncommon to see politicians and world leaders either calling or stopping by their home, Praetus Tower, a modern skyscraper in the heart of downtown Halcyon where all the members of the Taylor family resided. Kayla and Shane were never allowed to take part in any of these top secret meetings, but even so she grew accustomed to meeting people of influence and the delicate nature of international politics.

At the age of twelve, Kayla's powers came to the fore, gaining her father's strength and invincibility and her mother's ability to fly! It was a potent combination. So potent, that her family decided that it was at this point that Kayla was to leave her private school for hero-children and be home schooled by the finest tutors as well trained in using her abilities privately in the family Holo-Room. Kayla resented leaving her friends behind and being essentially made a prisoner in her own home, but she knew the importance of it and begrudgingly took part.

It has been four years, and the world has seen little of Kayla Taylor in that time, despite her parents being as active as ever. Paparazzi make small fortunes for snapshots of her whenever they can, or rack up immense medical bills when they trespass and activate the security of the tower or worse, come into direct conflict with another member of the Taylor Family. But three days after her 16th birthday, her father informed Kayla and Shane that they had a mission, and would be back in a week. It was the last time she ever saw them, and that was a month ago...

Kayla used to be very much the popular girl of the school, but ever since being pulled back to home-schooling and private super training, she has become somewhat quiet and reserved. When this part of her life is brought up, she grows clearly frustrated and upset. However, she knows how what her family expects of her now, and she does her best to not cause problems for the heritage she has to live up to, even if she doesn't always succeed.

Kayla has her father's super strength, it's upper limits have yet to be determined. Also, she seems to have inherited his invincibility, and while she does still feel pain, nothing has been found to cause her any real bodily harm. She is also capable of flying like her mother.

Kayla is a beautiful 16 year old girl, which comes with all the normal boons and problems that entails. She dresses in trendy clothing normally.

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Hero Costume/Reference Image Option 3

Hero Costume/Reference Image Option 4

You once got caught doing something that shames your legacy with Frostbite (If you are okay with the following, if not feel free to say so and I can adjust this to either be with someone else or different altogether). In the first few days with the team, Kayla realized she had developed a crush on Frostbite. He reminded her of the boy she had nearly dated before being pulled from private school and into homeschooling. One evening when they thought they were alone in a secluded park walkway, the two kissed. That's when the flash went off, and the paparazzi bolted to public view and managed to hide himself in the crowd, preventing the two from catching the snoop.

The next day, the major tabloids of Halcyon City were plastered with the photo. When the remaining leadership in the Taylor Family learned of this, they made their disapproval very clear and informed her how this made the family look.

You trust Mosaic and told them an important secret of your legacy.

Influenced By:

DIRECTLY ENGAGE A THREAT: When you directly engage a threat, roll + Danger. On a hit, trade blows. On a 10+, pick two. On a 7-9, pick one.
• resist or avoid their blows
• take something from them
• create an opportunity for your allies
• impress, surprise, or frighten the opposition
UNLEASH YOUR POWERS: When you unleash your powers to overcome an obstacle, reshape your environment, or extend your senses, roll + Freak. On a hit, you do it. On a 7-9, mark a condition or the GM will tell you how the effect is unstable or temporary.
COMFORT OR SUPPORT: When you comfort or support someone, roll
+ Mundane. On a hit, they hear you: they mark potential, clear a condition, or shift Labels if they open up to you. On a 10+, you can also add a Team to the pool or clear a condition yourself.
PIERCE THE MASK: When you pierce someone’s mask to see the person beneath, roll + Mundane. On a 10+, ask three. On a 7-9, ask one.
• what are you really planning?
• what do you want me to do?
• what do you intend to do?
• how could I get your character to ___?
• how could I gain Influence over you?
DEFEND: When you defend someone or something from an immediate threat, roll + Savior. For NPC threats: on a hit, you keep them safe and choose one. On a 7-9, it costs you: expose yourself to danger or escalate the situation.
• add a Team to the pool
• take Influence over someone you protect
• clear a condition

For PC threats: on a hit, give them -2 to their roll. On a 7-9, you expose yourself to cost, retribution, or judgment.
ASSESS THE SITUATION: When you assess the situation, roll + Superior. On a 10+, ask two. On a 7-9, ask one. Take +1 while acting on the answers.
• what here can I use to ________?
• what here is the biggest threat?
• what here is in the greatest danger?
• who here is most vulnerable to me?
• how could we best end this quickly?
PROVOKE SOMEONE: When you provoke someone susceptible to your words, say what you’re trying to get them to do and roll + Superior. For NPCs: on a 10+, they rise to the bait and do what you want. On a 7-9, they can instead choose one.
• they stumble: you take +1 forward against them
• they err: you gain a critical opportunity
• they overreact: you gain Influence over them

For PCs: On a 10+, both. On a 7-9, choose one.
• if they do it, add a Team to the pool
• if they don’t do it, they mark a condition
TAKE A POWERFUL BLOW: When you take a powerful blow, roll + conditions marked. On a 10+, choose one.
• you must remove yourself from the situation: flee, pass out, etc.
• you lose control of yourself or your powers in a terrible way
• two options from the 7-9 list
On a 7-9, choose one.
• you lash out verbally: provoke a teammate to foolhardy action or take advantage
of your Influence to inflict a condition
• you give ground; your opposition gets an opportunity
• you struggle past the pain; mark two conditions

On a miss, you stand strong. Mark potential as normal, and say how you weather the blow.
I KNOW WHAT I AM: Once per scene, when you defend a teammate you can shift Savior up and another Label down in addition to any other benefits from the move, even on a miss. If you do, add 1 Team to the pool.
NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER: When you take a powerful blow from someone with far greater power than you, use this move instead of the basic move. Roll + Savior. On a hit, you stand strong and choose one. On a 7-9, mark a condition.

- you get an opportunity or opening against your attacker
- you rally from the hit, and it inspires the team; add 1 Team to the pool
- you keep your attacker’s attention

On a miss, you go down hard but leave your opponent off balance and vulnerable.
BEFORE WE GET STARTED:When you have time to closely observe your opposition before a fight, roll + Savior. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1 and mark a condition. During the fight, you can spend your hold to name a character you observed and...:
• ...redirect their attack to another character or nowhere—into a wall or the sky.
• ...cross a distance between them and you.
• ...stun them, close up or from a distance.
• ...ignore all harm from one of their attacks.
• ...escape any bindings or impediments they attempt to place on you.

When did you officially become a part of your legacy? At age twelve when her powers manifested.
What's the greatest accomplishment of your legacy? Her great-grandfather, the original Praetorian, defeated the Omega, an interdimensional monstrosity that was attempting to devour the planet!

How does the public perceive your legacy? The Taylors are alot like the Fantastic Four, though much larger in scope as it is a larger family. Hero-Celebrities, who have the trust of the governments of the world and are often turned to for help in various tasks that need that extra oomph a superhero provides.

How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a hero? Kayla has long known the life that was going to be ahead of her, and now that life is being forced upon her unexpectedly. She knows she has to do what is expected of her, but she also knows she has to find her parents...before it is too late...

Why do you care about the team? Because they are the first friends and "peers" she has had in four years. It's her first connection to the outside world that she has had in all that time, and she hopes it will help her be somewhat normal again. Even if her normal is a super-life.


Still active and prominent in the city: Her uncle, Augustus Taylor, also known as "The Judge." He used to be a lawyer, but when it was learned that he used his telepathy to aid in his cases, he has never again been allowed into a courtroom. Even so, his skill as a lawyer is unparalleled, and he still acts as a counsel to superheroes, celebrities, and politicians who need legal advice.

Retired and Judgmental: Her great-grandmother, Eternia, Mary-Anne Taylor. Long presumed dead like her husband, Centuria is actually still alive and living within Praetus Tower in secret, per her own demand. She still appears as young as ever, thanks to her incredible ability to heal and regenerate that has basically made her ageless. However, her mind is not so fortunate, and she has grown somewhat bitter in her old age, and has occasional lapses of dementia.

Next Possible Member: Shane Taylor, Kayla's younger brother. He is expected to be the next to take up the mantle of "The Praetorian," and to say he is eager to do so is an understatement. Though his powers have yet to manifest, he is nearing that age, being 13 years old this coming December. What they will be, if they do manifest, remains a mystery.