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Underwater games can be quite interesting. I haven't played through Ruins yet (we only had session zero this week), but I did play in the Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting a while back. It's a purely underwater setting, which came out before Aquatic Adventures so they went all out creating the rules for it.
It has some interesting ideas for underwater combat, the best way to represent the 3D environment, as mentioned in the book, requires a bit of crafting. I started on it, but never actually got around to doing it. We just went with Theatre of the Mind with occasional help from a 2D map to get an idea for some distances.

Anyway, going from memory:

You need a few long but not too thick dowels, some wood, some clothespins (The kind that has two pieces and a spring keeping them together), some poster board, felt pen, ruler, a box cutter, and some wood glue.

The poster board and wood are cut into 4 inch squares, with a hole in the middle to fit the dowel. The wood, of course, forms the base. The poster board has the 1 inch grid on top while a clothespin is glued to the underside such that it can be clipped to the dowel.

Now you can just slide the squares up and down on the dowels to represent height/depth. One of those soft flexible tape measures (usually used for fabric/sewing) is recommended to measure the various diagonal distances. You can also mark the dowels at intervals to make positioning easier.

(The lack of tools to make the wood bases is in large part responsible for my failure to complete this project myself.)

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Two related questions:
1. When will this pin be made available in the store?
2. When will the logo be made available in the Community Use Society Faction Symbols package?

Made a custom table tent with Scarab Sages logo for my first PFS character (first game tomorrow!) Want that Concordance logo for what may be my second. (third at most)