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I hope they update the cover soon.

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This is like dropping a flaming piano on someone from a great height, except the piano is full of crazed miniature monkeys with chainsaws, and those chainsaws are on fire, too.

W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie.

Please, don't try to say that too quickly.

Go to the product page and check the reviews there.

Some Polish guy with waaay too much spare time wrote a review that goes in detail on what's inside.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
*sips his juice*

*eats his sauerkraut with boiled goose*

Cheng MacCheng of Clan MacCheng wrote:
Tarrintino wrote:
SWEET PICTURES!!!! Cannot wait to play this Adventure Path!!!
The art is sweeter than the duck sauce you gajin white people use to debase my lord General Tso's poultry!

Luk yu djapaneze eestern person, deed yu haff tu mix Barbra Streisand in dis?

Kieblasa tastes best with mayo.

What we need is a ninja class with class ability: Awesome (Su).

It works like this: 1/day per ninja level, you are Awesome. No saves allowed against Awesome, except for Pirates, Valkyries with Jetpacks and Zombie Bobsled Teams.

Yes ! We have strike at nights from our the sikret headqua ... headquar ... main offise at Chicago ! We using surp...suris... sumprimse and shurkien and kielbasa nunchuks ! We fight agiants dominance of Amerikan kulture ! For Europa !