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Full Name

Pluchak del Oktar


Male Half Orc Bloodrager (Rageshaper, Draconic) 4 (HP 35/40, AC 20/T10/FF 20, CMD 16, F 6, R 1, W 2, Perception +7, Init +0)


Medium (6'6'')



Special Abilities

Spells, Bloodrage








Common, Orc


Hired Muscle

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Strength 16
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Pluchak del Oktar

Pluchak grew up on the bottom rung of the orphanage. They had accepted him when he was a baby, because he looked human enough. But when his tusks grew in at the age of six, he was relentlessly picked on by the sisters as well as the other orphans. After he ran away from that place, he found work tending pigs. He was allowed to eat whatever the pigs didn't get to first. He grew up wrestling pigs for scraps and eventually left that farm when he felt he was strong enough to get by on his own.

He ended up growing quite tall, and picked up some laborer work to begin with until he could properly equip himself with a spear and some proper clothes. He wandered far away, doing odd jobs and protecting caravans through Isger when he came to Haugin's Ear, which ironically had never heard of him before, and picked up a job as the Tavern's bouncer. He ended up practicing plenty of intimidation techniques, earning a bit of a reputation as a dirty fighter as he would tend to bite people who were misbehaving.

Underneath that harsh reputation was a bit of a shy fellow with a fondness for the fairer sex. Being a man of few words, he said even less to them, being glad that his green skin and the environment of a darkened tavern allowed him to hide his blushing when a female patron got drunk enough to hit on him.

When he received the summons from the Lady of the Tower, he was surprised that she would even know him. He practiced in front of the mirror his "Yes, Ma'am" and his "No, Ma'am" in the quiet of his room at the inn to make sure he could do them respectfully, never having met anyone more important the barkeep in a personal manner.