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Hello good day,
I have been a dungeon master for some years now, and for a while these days my players ask me a question, and I would certainly like to know if you could give me an official answer in this regard.
The different races, dwarves, orcs, giants ... even the gods or the peoples within them may have different moralities regarding good, evil, the law ... so my question is, is it possible to adapt the alignments? to the different moralities that may exist within a race (or faction, religion ... etc)?
I give an example so that my question can be better understood: "In a society like the Drow, where slavery is something normal, where murder among members of the same family is something within the common and that does not look bad to be able to ascend socially, an LG character who follows those rules, laws and customs of his people, could be considered LE or CE for humans because in morality or human customs these practices are reprehensible and aberrant? Could a character be LG and LE depending Where are you from? "

Thank you very much for your help

P.D. Excuse for my English