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What would happen in this situation?

* Combat between party and group of enemies, everyone rolls initiative
* I cast a fascinate spell at part of the enemy group. Let's say they fail their save

In what situations would their fascination break? Am I correct in the following results?

* Party fighter charges into the group --> seems obvious threat --> auto break
* Party wizard casts a spell at someone in the group/ranger fires arrow --> ditto
* For some reason, we slowly walk to the group --> reroll save, enemies approaching after all, but maybe no auto-break?


* Cleric casts a heal spell or buff spell --> maybe another save? or perception check at -4 (diffulty 10? 15?)
* Enemy members charge the party and start whacking away at like 30-40 feet of the fascinated creatures --> no imminent threat, so no break?
* We do a full move through the fascinated mob (they were blocking the entrance), completely ignoring them --> auto break, but at what distance? Only the creatures in squares we passed or every creature in the general direction?

I am using Awesome display as an oracle (lowering HD of each creature for purposes of the spell effect), which is already pretty powerful so I don't want to have the effect to be too powerful, but on the other hand if virtually anything breaks the fascination effect, the spell becomes rather useless in combat/start of combat.

I always assumed the fact you can't use a 2Her while grappled is because you lack the swing/maneuverability space of that weapon, not because '1 limb' is being grappled. It's not stated anywhere that one limb is being held. Maybe the grappler has caught you by the head, or by a leg or whatever. In both cases he's too close against you for using a 2Her but swinging a knife or pummeling with both fists would still be possible.

Next turn however, the grappler can pin you, meaning that time he really finds a good hold restricting the use of your appendages in a meaningful way.

So while grappled, claw/claw/bite/tail is still possible.

As a DM I would allow a good number of free actions to be converted to move actions if the person is nauseated. Speaking, quick drawing, dropping an item would all cost a move action because it requires more effort to do so when you're severely nauseated.

Heck, in other cases I might even require the same. If for some reason it's very difficult for a player to do something which is normally a free action, it would take him a move or even a standard action to do so.

For example, in a severe sand storm I could lower the DC for the perception check by other players to hear a person shouting out if the shouting persion takes a move action to make himself be heard and lower it even more if the person gives up a standard action or uses a full round to shout his lungs out. Action management is integral part of the game and you can play around with it a lot in my opinion.

Since I as a DM have the end decision on everything, the moment a player tries to abuse the 'downgrading of a free action', I'd simply disallow it. Can't think of any examples though, but DMs tend to see abuses coming from miles away and even when they don't, they still have full rights to being down vengeance on the player trying to abuse rules.

I'm going to bump this since I still feel there is unclarity.

The spell description states that is a move action to move the chain around, but not what the action cost is to change the type of combat maneuver.

Say it attacks monster X with a trip attack and next round monster X is still in range. Can I now choose the dirty trick action or does it take a move action for my character to do so?

Valandil Ancalime wrote:

Why do you think any of those would be random?

Does "- What CMB does it do?" mean; what combat manuver does it use?

Ah yes, that is what I meant. should have used 'CM' since that is that actual abbreviation. "What combat maneuver does it do'.

Come to think of it, it being random would be kinda weird. So it more or less boils down to: Is it a fixed CM once chosen or can I change it every round, and if I can, does that cost me a move action?

I have some questions about the Chain of Perdition spell ( http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateCombat/spells/chainOfPerdition.h tml )

Once you've cast it, it attacks once per round for its duration and oracles use their charisma bonus, so far so good from all the rulings I've found.

My questions are:
- Who does it attack? Can you specify a target within reach or is it random? (assumption: I get to pick)
- What CMB does it do? Random or pick? (assumption: I get to pick)
- Once the CMB is chosen, does it stick doing that for its duration or can you decide each round? Is that a move action, just like moving the chain or is it just something you do as in "ok, my chain tries to reposition target X" (assumption: no clue at all)