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Slayer (ankou's shadow) 7: max hp 67, init +6, perc +13, F+10, R+11, W+7, trap sense +2







Special Abilities

see below



Strength 22
Dexterity 18
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Phoibe Rhamnousia

AC 22, touch 14, flat-footed 17
HP 13+9+9+9+9+9+9=67
Fort +10, Ref +11, Will +7

Speed 30
Melee:off hand +13: main hand 1d10+6, off hand 1d6+6
Second attack: +8 to hit main, +3 to hit off hand.
Ranged: spear 1d8+6
Base Atk +7/+2; CMB ;CMD

1. Weapon focus: glaive
A. Two wpn fighting
2 slayer talent: rogue talent finesse rogue.
3 spear Dancing style
4 slayer talent combat trick Spear dancing spiral
+1 str 4th lv
5 spear dancing reach
6 slayer talent ranger style improved two wpn fight; slayer talent(free) trapfinder
7 combat reflexes
8 slayer talent:
9 improved crit
10 slayer talent greater two wpn fight

1 reactionairy
2 armor expert (reduce armor penalty by 1)

Perception 7 3 3 13
Stealth 7 4 3 14
Bluff 7 2 3 12
Sense motive 7 3 3 13
Acrobatics 7 4 3 14
Perform dance 7 4 3 14
Survival 7 3 3 13
Disable device 7 4 3 14

Spear x4
Dagger x2
Wrist sheath spring loaded w daggers
Sipping jacket 5000
Potion of enlarge x20 1000
Cloak resist +2 4000
Glaive +1 2000
Belt str 4000
Handy haversack 2000
150 ft knotted silk rope 30gp
Mithril breastplate +1 5350gp
Ioun torch x2 150gp
Anytool 250gp
Potion of air bubble x2
Touch of the sea x2
Gaseous form
Anti plague x5
Anti venom x5
Hot weather gear
Bug netting
4 person tent
4 flasks, water full
6 flasks, oil
6 flasks alchemist fire
Wrapped grappling hook tied to outside of haversack
21 days iron rations
Fishing net
Extra set of hot weather clothing
10 10 foot cords
50 small bells
4 belt pouches
Masterwork thieves tools x2
Special Abilities

Ankou's Shadow:

Shadow Double (Sp)
An ankou’s shadow can take a full-round action to create a single, quasi-real, shadowy duplicate. This shadow double remains in his square, mimicking his movements as a single mirror image, except that it lasts until it is destroyed or he chooses to dismiss it as a swift action. This ability does not stack with the mirror image spell or with similar abilities, such as the copycat ability of the Trickery domain.

At 5th level, an ankou’s shadow gains a second shadow double. In addition to using these shadow doubles as mirror images in his square, he can move his doubles as part of his own move action, dividing his movement between himself and his doubles. When outside his square, shadow doubles do not protect the ankou’s shadow as mirror image and are limited in the actions they can take. Shadow doubles provide flanking for the ankou’s shadow and his allies, but they do not possess teamwork feats or special abilities that alter the effects of flanking or aiding another. As a swift action, the ankou’s shadow can direct his shadow doubles to use the aid another action, using his own base attack bonus plus his Intelligence modifier for the roll. Although a shadow double appears to duplicate the ankou’s shadow’s gear, this gear is part of its form; a shadow double’s gear cannot be destroyed, dropped, or stolen. A shadow double disappears if it ventures more than 50 feet from the ankou’s shadow or if it leaves his line of sight or effect. A shadow double that is hit by an attack roll or takes any damage is destroyed. The AC of a shadow double is equal to the ankou’s shadow’s touch AC, and it has the same CMD and saving throw bonuses as the ankou’s shadow. Shadow doubles possess evasion if the ankou’s shadow does. Mind-affecting effects targeting a shadow double affect the ankou’s shadow instead, though he isn’t affected twice by effects that target both him and a shadow double.

At 10th level, an ankou’s shadow gains a third shadow double. He can divide his actions between his actual body and his shadow doubles, using them as the origin point for attacks or abilities. For example, an ankou’s shadow making three attacks as a part of a full attack could make his primary attack from his own body and his other two attacks from two of his shadow doubles.

At 15th level, an ankou’s shadow gains a fourth shadow double. In addition to the abilities above, an ankou’s shadow can assign the doubles to perform simple tasks on their own, as the unseen servant spell, except that the shadow doubles have an effective Strength score of 10.

This ability replaces studied target.

Ankou’s Vision (Sp)
At 7th level, an ankou’s shadow can use see invisibility, as per the spell, as a swift action for 1 minute per level per day. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be used in 1-minute increments.

This ability replaces stalker.

Shadow Prey (Ex)
An ankou’s shadow cannot denote a target as his quarry unless he has a shadow double present, but unlike other slayers, the target does not need to be one of his studied targets.

This ability alters quarry and improved quarry.

Unfettered Shadows (Su)
At 20th level, as a standard action an ankou’s shadow can unfetter all of his shadow doubles for 1 minute. While unfettered, each shadow double can move and attack as if it were the ankou’s shadow without using any of his actions. A creature struck by a shadow double can attempt a Will save (DC 20 + the ankou’s shadow’s Intelligence modifier) each time it takes damage to recognize the illusion. If it succeeds, the target treats all the shadow doubles as 20% real, as the spell shadow conjuration. The shadow doubles cannot use the shadow double ability. The ankou’s shadow can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Intelligence modifier.

Slayer Talents: The following slayer talents (and rogue talents) complement the ankou’s shadow archetype: bleeding attack, fast stealth, slowing strike, and surprise attack.

Advanced Slayer Talents: The following advanced slayer talents (and advanced rogue talents) complement the ankou’s shadow archetype: assassinate, hunter’s surprise, and woodland stride.

Phoibe was born in the rough streets of Cormyr to parents who were members of the secret members of the Queen Faefrils Blades, an elite group of spies and assassins who served the former queen's crown and thus the throne of Cormyr acting in the dark to strike against it's enemies Growing up was always a series of challenges and tests, forever striving to be the better, until one day Phoibe found a talent and enjoyment of dance which took her in a new direction with her skills as well. Phoibe studied dance and acrobatics all the while learning to lie and to sense others lies. She took to spears instead of the short sword and began learning from spear masters the spear dance with a goal of learning the spiral and then reach. She learned the profession and then moved from the outskirts of town and went to work at the tavern all the while most unaware that she was Blade, an assassin in the service of Cormyr.
Since being young strange things seemed to happen to Phoibe. At first it seemed her shadow was leaving at odd times and appearing at odd places but only around her until eventually it would sit with her and then to watch over her and talk with her. The few times her parents caught her they thought she had an imaginary friend because it never would happen around others. Now over time Phoibe has harnesses this ability and can focus and move the shadow by speaking to it with her mind most especially when she is in danger. The shadow whispers to her of a strange destiny that awaits Phoibe and is always there for trouble.

Appearance: a wiry dancers and gymnasts build with long braided black hair and dusky skin from a past relative from the deserts. Green eyes she is attractive and enjoys life regardless of work or at play