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I'll echo this, only thing in my cart is the map I've been planning on getting and nothing to add this after redemption.

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We've run Starfinder here in Columbus for quite sometime. You'll find both online and in person games here. In person is a little in flux due to back to school and new requirements. We try to have both as we have players who can't play online and others who prefer digital distance.

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Thank you kindly and for the quick response!

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Hello CS!

Can my Pathfinder Battles Subscription be reduced to a single case (usually two) going forward? We usually split these locally and with online play we don't have the interest we usually do.

Also can I get an update on what is up with the pending items from Order 36458890 placed in May? You've shipped boxes to me since then and they are still pending.

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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

There also was no need to convert fame to ACP in PF2 as ACP ws available in that system from the beginning. Fame was simply a different currency with its own boons, and then both systems were merged into a single currency.

In Starfinder, there never has been ACP, so I do think there needs to be a way to partially award ACP over the past three years. A fame converter (if they can create one) would be a handy thing.


I would in part disagree, the original post said phase 4 for PF2 would have a conversion system. Scrolling through the blogs between that post and current I was looking and no where could I find that it was announced it was being done away with.

Yes, we gave players who played online months to convert. Looking for players who walked away till they could be at a physical table what they would need to do to get back to playing their characters. I'm now going to be telling them I get its a pandemic, and most of you were working but you've lost all those things you had before.

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I just posted not to long ago and realized that it's still showing only 4 stars instead of 5.

https://paizo.com/community/blog/v5748dyo6sh4w?March-Update-Welcome-Alex-Sp otlights-and

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November 4: In our monthly update blog, we will share information on how to convert any remaining unspent Fame to Starfinder Achievement Points.

Was there ever a system to do this in Pathfinder 2e? With returning players that could or did not switch over to online play - the original post mentioned this but I have not seen that system posted. Would like to see how it works with PF2 to get a feel for Starfinder which will have more numbers.

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My CC information updated and went to delete the old one. The issue is this pending order from Dec 2019! Order 9360061 It's already been completed I already have all this items, but cannot delete the CC due to this being pending on it.

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Dire might be a little mia this week he's prepping for a convention this weekend.