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The party I'm GMing for went with Lucky's Raiders
Lucky (human,bard(Archaeologist)) being the talkative face of the party and therefore defacto leader

Lucky died at the end of last session, so not sure if the group will change name or leave it as a honorific to there dear fallen comrade or as it more likely just never bother changing it

I'm the GM and am running Mummy's mask, my party had there first fatalities last session

Name: Lucky & Snikkitch
Race: Human & Ratfolk
Classes/levels: Bard(Archaeologist) 3 & Alchemist(Vivisectionist,Plague Bringer) 3
Adventure: The Half-Dead City
Location: Sanctum of the Erudite Eye Crypt (D12)
Catalyst: Graven Guardian of Nethys

The Gory Details:
Party sees it through the locked gate, rolled knowledge and figured out what a Graven Guardian was and the wont attack those of the faith thing, decided to go ahead anyway, the gate was picked, opened and Lucky and Snikkitch move into the room, the Guardian activates. The rest of the party, a bolt ace and a sorcerer/ranger are both ranged combatants so remain in the hallway. Combat starts, initiative is rolled,

1st round:
Ranged guys let of a volley of arrows/bolts chip it a bit, Lucky uses his whip to trip up the Guardian, Guardian then gets up and hastes its self, Snik throws a bomb dose some damage. Things are still going more or less to plan.

Round 2+:
Gate slams shut and re locks its self, lucky and Snik traped on one side with the Guardian, the ranged guys on the other side (gate is bars, not solid so they can still fire through). Lucky tries to trip again but this time fails so badly he drops his whip, uses his move action to pick up the whip, ranged guys don't do much, ether miss or don't get past its DR. Guardian move in takes a swing at lucky but misses, Snik waits so they can sinc turn order with Lucky and then gets a few sneak atacks in on the guardian while Luck tries and fails to trip again. Not the best situation with the party now split in half but could they could have still gotten through with a bit of luck.

Things just rapidly go down hill from here the Guardian hit with almost every single attack roll from this point on, all the ranged guy can rely do at this point is chip damage on a good damage roll, Lucky gets taken in to crits round 3 but manages to stabilize, Snik lasts until round 5 but after a failed attempt to slip through the bars of the gate is put into crits too and bleeds out. Graven Guardian returns to its pedestal. Lcuky regains conscious just long enough to tell team ranged (who are ,In character, at least distraught over the loss of two of there group one of whom, Lucky, was the group leader) to go a find a few new recruits before the Guardain come back over and shuts lcuky up with a max damage critical killing him out right.