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Hey all,

I've been playing around with a few builds concerning a blind character, and I can work the early levels, but the later levels seem to be lacking quite a bit.

At level 1, as a Human Unarmed Fighter or Master of Many Styles, I can get Blind-Fight (thanks to a new trait from the new Divine Anthology book), Blinded Blade Style (free Style feat), Improved Blind-Fight (level 1 feat) and Blinded Competence (Human bonus feat). This get's rid of most of the penalties associated with fighting blind. I also wanted to incorporate the Moonlight Stalker feat, for flavor and to put the Blind feats to good use.

The plan so far is the take the first level as seen above, then perhaps dip into Magus or Wizard in order to get access to Dancing Darkness, and scrolls/wands of Blur/Darkness, to facilitate getting concealment.

The rest of the levels are a mystery to me. I had wanted to 2-hand a sword for my weapon, but at this point I'll take anything that works.

Also this is for PFS, so only approved materials can be used. (I also realize that walking around with darkness is not very party friendly, that's why I have Blur as an option)

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi all,

I wanted to make sure I understood correctly the way this works.

Here are the rules in question:

The wielder of a sharding weapon can make a special ranged attack with the weapon in place of any melee attack. To do this, the wielder goes through the motion of throwing the weapon without releasing it. The weapon splits off a duplicate of itself that flies as if thrown by the wielder at the intended target. The duplicate gains a range increment of 10 feet for this purpose, but uses the same proficiency and otherwise functions the same as the original weapon. The duplicate vanishes after hitting or missing its target.

Quickdraw Shield:
If you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you may don or put away a quickdraw shield as a swift action combined with a regular move. If you have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, you can draw a light or one-handed weapon with one hand and a quickdraw shield with the other in the time it would normally take you to draw one weapon. If you have the Quick Draw feat, you may don or put away a quickdraw shield as a free action.

Throwing Shield:
This shield is designed for throwing and has specially designed straps allowing you to unclasp and throw it as a free action. Tower shields cannot be throwing shields. Neither a shield’s enhancement bonus to AC nor its shield spikes apply on your attack or damage rolls.

The way I understand it, I can basically remove the shield as a free action, make my attacks with the sharding shield, and once all my attacks are done, don it as a free action, allowing me to retain my shield bonus to AC since I did not actually throw it away.

Does this work? Anyone know of a good class that could work well with this concept? (Other than fighters)

This concept was taken mostly from the WoW Paladin ability "Avenger's Shield".

Thanks in advance!

PS: I know it probably won't work, but since you can throw the Throwing Shield as a free action, does that mean infinite attacks? haha