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Lets say a Druid has taken on the form of a Medium Air Elemental and has captured 3 small sized gnomes with his whirlwind ability.

Does the weight of the captured gnomes affect his ability to fly straight upwards (or horizontally), or is it assumed that you can FLY normally without any regard for the weight of the creatures trapped in your WHIRLWIND?

Question comes up because my druid player wants to trap people in his whirlwind, then fly up to a great height, and then eject people out of his whirlwind so they die from falling damage.

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1. Can you play a melee weapon card to assist a character's melee check even though you are not at the same location? For Example, Harsk is using a longsword to attack a henchman at Location A, but Valeros is at Location B. Can Valeros play a melee weapon card (like a greataxe) to assist Harsk's check or does he need to be in the same location?

Common sense would indicate that you probably couldn't assist someone in this way, but I dont see anywhere in the rules that says you can't do this.

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Dear Paizo Staff,
I get on these boards mostly to discuss rules and get clarifications. There is a lively community of people who give all kinds of excellent input, but there is rarely what I would call definitive closure to MANY rules discussions, particularily in regards to vague or unclear spell descriptions. Some of these discussions are years old (literally) and still there is no final answer.

Honestly, I think you spend far too much time developing new products while ignoring giving any clarifications on already released products. I'm not saying I want you to agree with my interpratation of the rules (but I certainly wouldnt complain if you did), but can you PLEASE start releasing some ERRATA to start clearing up some of these spell discussons.

All you have to do is go through the rules/FAQ discussion boards, find all of the ones marked the most as "favorites" by people, start giving some definitive and final answers, and then update the errata.

My advice is to hire a full-time staffer who is dedicated to rules issues and definitive answers to rules questions and let him/her start clearing up the loose ends.

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Hey, everytime I see a picture of the Paizo writers and staff all I see are pictures of pasty white guys. How about inserting some diversity into the mix?

I think some diversity could help expand the hobby and introduce some new ideas and viewpoints. I'll give you a perfect example of why you need some diversity:

Explain to me why all of the black people have to come from a jungle-somewhat-tribal civilization around the Mwangi Expanse? Why cant the Chelaxians have been black, or the Taldans, or even the Azlantis? Do we always have to portray black people as tribal jungle dwellers? Hell, they did the same thing in Forgotten Realms with the Jungles of CHult, so dont feel too bad. You arent the first to make this mistake. Sure, there are a few exceptions in Golarion, but the stereotype is there and it really doesnt need to be. Same goes for Asians; do they always have to come from a culture that mimics our reality? Why not make an Asian-influenced culture, but populate it with black or even white people to throw in an interesting curve?

Its just so damn predictable that it's painful. Its a racial stereotype carried over from the world we live in, but its fantasy, so why cant we challenge the norm?

I'm sure it wasnt intentional at all, but this is why I think you need some diversity. I understand that its a hobby mostly dominated by whites and run by whites, and so alll human beings naturally create things in their own image (without malicious intent), but it doesnt have to be. You're thinking too much inside the neat little prepackaged boxes called stereotypes.