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Joana wrote:
Skeld wrote:
No problem. It has something to do with the default timeout length in Chrome. The timeout is longer in other browsers. That might help you.
This post will walk you through installing Firefox and adjusting the length of time before the browser gives up and stops trying to make the secure connection. Worked for me. (I'm habitually a Chrome user.)

Oddly enough, I found Microsoft's new browser "Edge" to be the best for downloading stuff. Mozilla wasn't timing out, but for some reason the files want to take forever (2-3 hours) to download on it, but Edge is only taking 20-30 minutes for the large files. Still a long time, especially since my internet usually lets me download things that are several gigs within a few minutes, but I'm sure that has something to do with the overloaded servers.

Skeld wrote:

If you're using Chrome, there's an issue specific to that browser. You might try switching to something else.


Oh, really? Didnt know that. I am using chrome, so I guess I'll temporarily switch to another browser and see if that helps. Thanks!

Personally, I haven't had too much trouble with the "personalizing" thing. Though I think their are better ways to do it, this way works if you usually have a smaller amount of people downloading.

What I am having trouble with is that my files say they are personalized, then I click to download it, and it takes me to a blank page, logs me out, and I can't download the file at all, unless I re-personalize it. But I understand this is probably just another byproduct of the site being overloaded.