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Scarab Sages

Some questions about cleric dedication feat that are not obvious from the rules.

1) Does the phrase "Choose a deity as you would if you were a cleric." mean that you gain the diety weapon, signature skill and spell access?

2) Does the phrase "You can use wands, scrolls, and staves, but only for spells of a spell level that you can cast" mean that you actually can't use those untill you get Bsic Spellcasting feat? Can you use only wands and the other with cantrips inside?
Or does the phrese "A cantrip is always automatically heightened to the highest level of spell you can cast in the class. This makes a cantrip a 1st-level spell if you can cast 1st-level spells, a 2nd-level spell if you can cast 2nd-level spells, and so on." (p. 193, Cantrips entry) allow you use wands and the other with even heigher level spells (like 3 spell level at 5 character level).