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Thank you everyone, my DM and I came to the same conclusion after some more digging but he’s making a home brew ruling on it. I hope you all have a fantastic day :)

Let me preface with, this multi class choice is 90% for flavor and RP as are most of the decisions made with this character, it’s not the most optimized and it isn’t meant to be and my DM is fine with the third party class.

My character has 11 levels in Oracle - Life
I’m going to be adding in 5 levels of Omdura but am gaining my first one soon after a series of one shots for each player’s character in our group.

My question is in the case of spell casting what level should be used? Unlike mixing Arcane/Divine, there are many spells that fall on both spell lists (both Inquisitor and Cleric/Oracle) and as an Omdura you can choose whether it’s from the cleric or inquisitor list. Barbed Chains is a prime example and the spell that brought up the discussion between my DM and myself, both are 1st level on the cleric and inquisitor spell list with the below text:

“You summon a chain from another realm, causing it to burst out from the ground and strike a target within the spell’s range. You can have the chain either make a melee attack (dealing 1d6 points of slashing damage) or attempt a trip combat maneuver against the target. The chain uses your base attack bonus plus your key spellcasting ability score modifier as its attack bonus and combat maneuver bonus. On a successful hit or combat maneuver check, the target must attempt a Will save. If it fails its save, the creature is shaken for 1d4 rounds. You summon one additional chain every 3 levels after 1st, for a total of two chains at 4th level, three at 7th level, and a maximum of four at 10th level. Multiple chains can attack the same target but the shaken effect doesn’t stack.“

Because I’m picking up this spell thanks to the 1 level in Omdura, would I treat it as only having 1 level of spellcasting, or would I use my full 12 levels of casting as it’s on both lists and the verbiage is ”every X levels after 1st?”
Would I be using my full base attack bonus or just what I get from Omdura as well?

Lastly, and not pertinent to this particular spell, for example 1d6 per level of damage, would that be full caster level total or would it be based on the class I used to get it? (and this is only for spells that appear on both lists, I’d only get access to inquisitor spells through Omdura so it it’s ONLY an inquisitor so I would assume that would only use my Omdura level)