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Copper was the rarest of the t1 when I was playing in alpha. Up to version 10 I think. I hope they changed that.

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Anyone know what each pack gives(alliance/class/regional/newplayer), the discription are a little vague. So far I have one of each for my main. But for my Destiny twin I wonder if it is worth spending the money if the items will only take me a day or two to get with my main once the twins get activated. I think one of the 4 was supposed to come with a larger pack(inventory slots) than what you could normal get in game. Dont remember witch one or if that is true.

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50 is a nice number gratz guys.

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Hi I am interested in joining, I have been playing MMO since DOAC and in most games I spend a lot of time crafting(normally ending up a top crafter), but I PVE a lot also I would say I am 70/30 PVE vs Crafting.

But with destiny twins I will have one PVE/PVP character and one Crafting Character. Early On I plan on leveling my PVE near my Crafter location to defend his camp(if I read the game play Correctly).

So count me in.