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"Nice and smooth"
"No? Then I'll light a candle for you. BLAM"

Melodramatic hook - I'm in Hong Kong hunting traces of the Order that trained and brainwashed me.

Guns: 15
Martial Arts: 12
Defense: 14
Toughness: 6
Fortune: 6
Speed: 9

Both Guns Blazing II
Fire two guns simultaneously at your opponent; these must be handguns or otherwise outfitted with a pistol grip. Treat as one attack at Guns -1, with the Damage of both guns added together, and the opponent's Toughness doubled.

Carnival of Carnage III
Add +2 Guns vs. mooks. Subtract 1 from the shot cost of any attack on a mook or mooks. Minimum shot cost remains 1.

Heroic Bloodshed
In the climactic fight of an adventure, any attack that deals you more than 4 Wound Points deals an additional 3 Wound Points.

Deceit: 13
Intrusion: 11
Info: gangland politics 11

Taurus Model 85 9/2/5 - Revolver
Beretta M12 10/5/6 - Submachine gun
HK Mp5 10/5/1 - Submachine gun
SvD Dragunov 13/5/3 - Sniper rifle
Beretta 92FS Centurion 10/2/3 - Semi-auto pistol

Wealth: Rich

More background:
- Recruited off the streets, most of his time with the order is a blur, drugs and brainwashing and mindwipes. Some of the memories obviously hallucinations - monsters and impossible crazy weirdness.

He knows he killed people. Probably important people. Just not the one he's blamed for - the junkie prostitute they found him with. That was a set up, when he'd started to break through the conditioning.

He wound up locked in an institution, not sure what if anything was real through a drugged fog. In time, he started to recover and believe what they told him, though he was still troubled by flashes of memories. Until an assassin came hunting him and almost purely by reflex disarmed and killed him, then broke out and fled. Now he's come to Hong Kong looking for those behind it.

This is all intentionally vague. What actually happened and how much it ties into the game is up to you. He could easily have been working for some faction inthe Chi War and seen actual magic and monsters, but is just writing that off as impossible or he could have been in a more mundane group and the weird stuff is just a product of the brainwashing.

Musical inspiration:

- Operation Mindcrime -
A hit man for the order
When you couldn't go to school
Had a skin job for a hair-do
Yeah, you looked pretty cool
Had a habit - doing mainline
Watch the dragon burn
No regrets, you've got no goals
Nothing more to learn

- Speak -
I'm the new messiah
Death angel with a gun
Dangerous in my silence
Deadly to my cause