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Well, I think my group would do pretty well with sharing responsibility as they generally even if they're playing someone with an E in their alignment always remain loyal to the group dynamic. People in my group thankfully seem to understand it's a co-op styled game when I run. : )

I do like the idea of the seals helping to further match up the players as councilors. I didn't realize until I read your post (and then re-read the first seal) that there were 5 in total.

I'm certainly leaning more toward that as a way to resolve the issue. In a four person group they can still decide who the 5th seat will be so they have the control which is nice. I can certainly make it more political with the caravan in this way.

Thanks Matthew.

The making one character the overall emperor thing is still a bit difficult for me. I've thought about altering it to a several character council system of rule. Something along the lines of 5 councilors to mirror the five storms.

I'm also considering making the main villain from book 3 related to the oni somehow instead of having it be a completely side plot. It feels like it makes them more of a presence for me. I haven't read any of the books after one in detail.

I did finishing reading over one and prepping small changes but I want to try to get all six books read over at least once in detail before I start the game. I have a few months so I think I'll have time just bouncing ideas off of others that have played.

I wanna make sure none of my plans could overbalance or throw off the overall sense of the campaign. Thanks for all the help : )

I have skimmed all 6 books of this adventure path and read most of book 1 in greater detail (I haven't read through all the exact encounters in the dungeons as I tend to read those last.)

I am at current really confused by the concept of my players wanting to risk life and limb traveling across continents to help this noble chick from their home town become an empress. It very much to me as I read it feels like: PC's do all the work, NPC's get the best reward at the end. Even with the traits to try to force backgrounds to match up with the NPC's it feels like it's going to be very flat.

As a result I'm torn as to if I want to involve Ameiko at all beyond when she falls into the coma in book 1. I'm considering using her death as a trigger that makes the PC's Scions of the distant kingdom when they find the Amatatatsu Seal. Then simply using the other NPC's as support with the caravan.

Though even the other NPC's I'm not as certain about. I really like the elven ranger even if her reason for being there would need to be altered slightly. The elder cleric and the rogue fall flat for me as a storyteller. I'm considering just making some of my own NPC's that have more investment and reason to go along than some of the ones that are premade and should my players want to use the relationship system just building their own boons that could compliment my group as a whole better.

As for the caravan and any possible encounters, at current I'm planning to let my players decide if they want to run it. If they don't then I'll build generally what the caravan has and convert any caravan encounters to just encounter's for the players to deal with as it makes it more of a living world. (I plan to roll all encounter tables ahead of any sessions so I know what will be happening on what travel days. Any variation I can adjust for on the fly but then I'm not sitting for minutes rolling percentage dice while the players are waiting on me.)

I'm curious if anyone else has tried to run this path without Ameiko or the other NPC's and how it went for them if they did.

It's not a bonded object. It's a spellbinder Elven Wizard from pg 25 of the Race Guide. The description of Spell Bond in that book doesn't specifically state you cannot have a familiar as well. It stands to reason since they went out of their way in a previously printed book that they would in a book printed could also be a typo.

Okay so my char picked up the Eldrich Heritage of Arcane.

They are a Wizard but didn't previously possess a familiar as they are an Elf and I'd switched out the Arcane Bond for Spell Bond. (Option from the Races Guide).

Now that they are a wizard picking up a familiar with the Eldrich Heritage feat (at level 9) would the familiar count as a level 7 caster (Total character level -2 as the feat says). Or would it work as the Arcane base power words it and Wizard levels stack making it a familiar as a level 9 caster total?

I think it would work as a 9th level but I'm sort of uncertain given it's given from a feat that states total level -2.

Thanks for any answers/thoughts.

I'm okay with accepting the -2 to Will as I pictured the char as being able to influence others easily but also being easily influenced and the flaw actually helps build to her history/character.

I'm probably going to Nix getting a Eldrich Hertiage at all until higher lvls (I'm yet undecided), but if I choose one it would be the Maestro line for the +1 DC's to Language Dependent spells.

Thank you as well Aioran. That gives me a viable reason to put the level into a crossblooded sorcerer. I appreciate your help!

Thanks Booksy.

I think I'm going to instead take a level of Sorceror. Then use the Crossblooded Sorceror Archtype to get the Arcana powers from Fae and Infernal for my Enchanter since I'm not planning to put further level's in Sorceror and the Drawback losing a spell known is worth the extra skills/2 Arcana's.

Could anyone tell me if this is more viable? Thanks.

I'm working on an enchanter. I wanted to get the Fae Blood Arcana so I'm planning to just dip a level in Sorceror then possibly pick up the Maestro Bloodline with Eldrich Heritage for the 9th lvl power at the second level. Other than the single level dip into Sorceror the character in question is a wizard.

So, in the line of Feats for Eldrich Heritage there's nothing that states you get the Sorcerer Bloodline Arcana. Which is what I'm looking at the feats for. Understandably you cannot pick it up with the first of the feats as you get specifically the 1st level power.

Would it be reasonable to think you could pick up the Arcana instead of a 3rd or 9th level power with the second feat? (Improved Eldrich Heritage) At this point you would be spending 3 feats (as you need Skill Focus to start this feat progression to begin with) just to pick up the Bloodline Arcana.

At the moment my group has been running it you can choose the Arcana with the final feat: (Greater Eldrich Heritage) As it states you can choose any power below 15th level and we all assume the Arcana counts as a part of that. (However, at this point you are spending 4 feats to pick up a power you could get by just dipping a level in Sorcerer (which I'm trying to avoid)).

Any observations/comments/answers as to how people at Paizo would run it are welcome. Thanks.

Does anyone know of a spell that allows someone to take a 20 on a skill check?


We're a small online chat forum for pathfinder that's still in a betatesting phase but looking for folks interested in playing in the online venue we've created.

From there most of the information can be accessed through the forums. When registering please place OOC on any out of character login. Hope to see you there.


I've been concidering for a time opening a Pathfinder system Digichat (like many others out there for 4th Ed or 3.5 or WoD games). Obviously however with the Pathfinder rules system and what will most likely end up being a home brewed setting.

Mostly was curious of any legal things I need to do/accomplish before I do this. Also if there was anyone in the know possibly interested in being hired to work on the database/website/forum programming.

Thanks for any replies.


My husband and I both recently moved to the Alice Springs area and are hoping that someone else here plays. Please drop me a responce here or a email at: the topic being: Alice Springs Gaming, if you want a reply). Thanks so much.



Just nice to see other folks from Aussie. Moved to Alice Springs recently from the states and am curious if there is anyone else in the area (mostly the city itself as nothing else is out here) that plays.