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I need to cancel my subscriptions for the time being due to upcoming changes in my life, as much as I'd wish to keep them up.

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Could I have this order and my starfinder subscription cancelled, please?

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I genuinely love the direction and concept of Oracle's direction with the intertwined curse and mysteries, and I have gotten a number of thoughts so far as I've built a few oracles to toy around with in playtest environments, but before I start to solidify my opinions I want to ask about the major curse for battle oracle.

Is it intentional that battle oracles who reach their stage of major curse have a whopping 30% chance to just lose their spells as they cast them? It would put the curse closer to the severity of the other curses... and then some. Even if you have your freebie revelation spells left, an almost 1 in 3 chance to lose even those ( not to mention any combat spells, like using harm in melee for battle and bespell weapon) feels genuinely AWFUL to me, so I have to ask.

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I'd normally use archetypes to describe this but that word's already been co-opted by pathfinder. Something I would really like to see, not in a proper codified form in the rules, is that there will be a strong enough selection of Class Feats to make a specific type of character playable from the get go. What I mean is say, since fighter is a simple and easy concept, a fighter "path" would be "greatweapon fighter" or "two weapon fighter", and that a given path should have some minimum amount of feat support(ie at least 4-5 feats geared towards a build) to make that type of character a valid playstyle, without necessitating a specific archetype to play the character type(like... a lot of fighter archetypes that just get good with 1 type of weapon). I also hope that most skills of this nature are minimally baked into the class to have a range of freedom (Such as wild shape druid versus a casting druid that cannot shape at all... or Alchemist bombs vs mutagens).

What sort of feat support for concepts would you like to see, in core rulebook or later on?

These are the kinda things I want to see support for in the core rulebook.

Fighter - Great Weapon Fighter, Two Weapon fighter, Shield Master, Archer

Rogue - Thug, Assassin, Scout, Flanker

Cleric - Healer, Chosen(Domain focus), Conduit(spell focus), Warpriest

Wizard - Sword Binder, Specializations, Familiar focus

Sorcerer - Blood Fighter, Transformative, Subdued(Sneaky casting)

Bard - Solo Artist, Duettist( grants synergies to a partner of their choice), World's a Stage(team support), Fascinating Show(control oriented)

Paladin - Divine warden(aoe defensive support), Unkillable, Lock down, Healer

Monk - Martial Artist, Spiritual master

Druid - Fang and Claw(Wild shape), Caster(Storm, flame), Beast master (animal companion)

Ranger - Beast Hunter, Trapper

Barbarian - Totemic Rager, Wild Berserker

Alchemist - Mutagenic, Bomber, Annointment/Poisoner, Support/healer

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Could you please cancel my subscription for the Pathfinder RPG line and the order for the Villain codex?

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Can an occultist who loses the magic circle class features still use his outside contact ability if he still has it, such as with secret broker?

My assumption is no because outside contacts wording implies that you habe to be using the magic circle class feature, not a magic circle made by a spellcast or ally, and in which case, how does secret broker use outside contacts?

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I'm currently building a Wrath of the Righteous character for the upcoming AP, of course, and after seeing the player guide campaign traits, I'm seeing two directions I want to go with this.

My first idea is a Tiefling(Pit-spawn preferably) paladin who'll end up taking the Champion Mythic path, a heavy-hitting paladin of sorts, preferably using a blunt weapon.

I'm also really interested in creating a commander-type character who wants to lead the crusade into battle, who takes the Marshal mythic path, and more support.

I'm entirely unsure where to go with either concept however beyond the basic concept, as I'm not that used to either class, and I'm far more used to wizards and alchemists.

My group rolls for stats, though we basically allow each person to roll two sets, with my rolled stats being
15, 15, 11, 10, 9, 8 or
18, 12, 10, 9, 9, 8.
in whatever order I please

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So I'm going to end up being our group GM for Rise of the Runelords, and I've had some practice with GMing a couple of modules. The party for the campaign has ended up being a strange Hodgepodge of stuff

1. Kitsune Rogue (Archetype Kitsune Trickster), got the best rolls in the party, including an 18 and two 17's, so they're the face for the party, with a +7 to Diplomacy and Bluff without having organized his skill ranks yet.

2. Human Ranger, played by the guy who has always played a fighter with an axe, except for two times, including this one. He's said he's planning on being a switch hitter down the line.

3. Dwarf Monk, who plans on trying to be a pro-wrestler in the campaign and grapple everything, to my annoyance, plans on taking barbarian levels to grapple bigger things.

4. and finally a Human Bard, the only magic this group really has, who's decided on trying to focus on magic and take on Dragon Disciple later.

I like to modify the campaign to add details about the character's histories, as well as modify the strength of certain encounters to reflect the party's capabilities, but in this case I'm not exactly sure where to go with encounter changes other than the normal group tradition of having a counter-party.

As well, reading through the anniversary book for Rise of the Runelords, the appendix includes "sin points" that are used only once, which I find disappointing, but I can't really think of what I can do to use sin points more.