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I am trying to subscribe to the ACG starting with the new core set but no matter what I try the checkout procedure wants to start with the previous product (Ultimate Wilderness). I click on the button for the core set in the shopping cart but it resets to the Wilderness pack when I go to place my order. Is it possible to start with the new core set?

Please cancel my Adventure Card Game subscription. My group has moved on to other games.


My copy of the Character Add-on Deck is missing Adowyn's character card. I've e-mailed customer service about it but want to play her this Sunday and may not get the card in time. Can someone post her skills, starting powers, and favorite card type? I can figure out her deck composition from the rules.


There are three boons in S&S that have two checks separated by THEN instead of OR (Buckler Gun, Captain, and Heartbreak Hinson). Were those misprinted or do characters need to pass both checks to acquire these boons?