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Not sure if Paizo ever does re-prints of Scenarios, but there is a typo on page 3: "She magically the spell back to its source...". Presumably the word "tracked" or something similar is missing.
"Traced" or "tracked" would be the correct word. I'm surprised it disappeared.
Probably because there wasn't a tracker on it. :D
I'm going to have to ask you to reTRACt that statement. *rimshot*
Every time someone tells a pun that bad, Grandmaster Torch betrays a kitten.

Yeah guys, it really burns him up.

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I like the guide, but I feel like a lot of it's really only geared towards people who want to play with the alchemy bits. I made Ikari (my Investigator) a skill junkie because one of our PFS GMs is running Emerald Spire and I figured a giant underground magic tower was gonna need some serious skill checks. That said I plan on making another investigator once Ikari retires from PFS and that one will use alchemy so this guide will be a HUGE help then.

For the sake of argument on Slueth's behalf I will say that it is absolutely the best archetype you can take if you want to be a PFS skill god:

~Slueth's Luck: You can't dump Cha anymore and that kinda sucks, but you get luck which is basically like situation-based inspiration that you can get back throughout the day without even trying. Luck stacks with grit & panache so if you're multi-classing or have a feat that grants one of those then you have even more luck and more chances to get it back. The whole "regain when rolling 20 or above a 6 on inspiration die when actively investigating" is weird wording. I would have rather they said "only on knowledge checks" just so it isn't brought into question all the dang time, gives dick GMs plenty of opportunity to give you the 1 finger salute over something stupid.

~Daring: It has allowed me to save my skill points for knowledge and tripfinding/disabling skills while still allowing me to survive the Drowned Level by adding exploding d6s to my swim checks. Almost all of the daring skills are potential "make it or die" skill checks so adding a d6-d10 to them is a life-saver, literally.

~Opportunistic Evasion: You know you made your reflex save and you see that GM reaching for 10d6, spend one luck point and negate your half damage. Enough said.

~Sleuth's Initiative: If you have 1 luck you have +2 to Init. Honestly it's really just icing. If you take quick draw you are automatically not flat-footed the second combat starts so that's pretty cool. Otherwise, yay free +2 to initiative checks!

~Make it Count: Every combat talent tied that "affects" Studied Strike without paying for the talent.

~Run like Hell: Yeah it's gimmicky, you'll get no argument from me there, but when you need it you really REALLY need it. Even when you don't need it it's kinda nice to get +20 ft movement for 10 rounds. Even better because it usually means your AC is +4 for the first round of combat if you just zig zag a bit. That said, the reaction most GMs have to this is "What the hell? Let me see that!" so have your book open and ready to go because I promise they won't believe you because it sounds so silly.

~Second chance: Roll your inspiration/daring again for 1 luck. Usually not needed but it certainly doesn't hurt.

Can a lot of these benefits be covered by alchemy? Definitely, but I start each session with 8 luck points playing my level 7 Investigator Ikari and I gain at least half that many back in the session with knowledge checks. Unlike extracts I don't need to prepare them so when I need that bonus to swim I don't have to curse myself for not preparing Touch of the Sea or Monkeyfish. Also, they're all instant use or constant effects. Will any of these replace the extra damage alchemy can do? Nope, but if you aren't looking for that then the archetype is great.

Also, if you ARE a Sleuth then I would say Amazing Inspiration would become at least a green talent since more chances to regain luck. Remember you get 1 luck for every 6/higher on inspiration rolls made for investigation purposes, that means if you roll a 6, 7, or 8. If you get the Focused Inspiration feat it becomes every 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 so you'll have more luck than you know what to do with.

Would Sleuth be a good archetype for every game? No but if you're sitting down to a table with no skill monkeys it's a good bet. Most homebrew games are simply not going to use you to your full potential, but any PFS dungeon delving or monster hunting scenario is going to make you the party's best friend. It also adds some damn good survival/adaptability options to the class.

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-Is there any reason not to take the Steel Hound?
Your GM is playing without firearms. That's at least one good reason.

Also it's not PFS legal if you're playing PFS.