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Please cancel all my current subscriptions.

Larry Wilhelm

my copy of Starfinder Adventure Path "The Chimera Mystery" arrived damaged in several places. How do I go about getting it replaced?

Thank you,
Larry Wilhelm

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription.

Please suspend my Pathfinder Roleplaying game subscription.
Thanks guys

Please restart my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription, starting with Bestiary 3. Yay its good to be back

I received my copy of Pathfinder Adventure Path volume 50: Night of Frozen Shadows in the mail today, and it is severely damaged. Although the hard cardboard packing was intact.
On the top left there is a hard crease that bisects the letters "P" and "A" of word "Pathfinder" running to the left edge of the book. This crease makes it very hard to open and flip through.

Second, on the top right there is a slight "dog eared" crease on the front cover.

Third,the art is damaged: Shalelu's cloak under her bow arm is scuffed and worn off.
Lastly, on the bottom left just above the authors name there is another, albeit slight crease.
I have never had an issue with my books in the past, so I can easily assume this is an isolated incident which I hope can be rectified with a replacement copy. I would gladly return the damaged one I have.

Also, who can I ask for my contributers copies of Humans of Golarion and The Pathfinder Society Field guide.
Thank you for your attention to these matters,
Larry Wilhelm

Please cancel....
-my Pathfinder Roleplaying game subscription, and

-my Pathfinder Player Companion subscription.
Thank you

Hi I recently added the guide to the inner sea and purchased it. However I wanted to apply a gift certificate with it, It did not apply it. Can I get some confirmation that the gift certificate worked for that shipment. Thanks
Larry Wilhelm

First off, thank you Josh for all of your amazing work.
Paizocon is amazing, and for the 2 years I went I had a blast, thanks! PFS, as a player, and an author, thank you for all the blood and sweat you poured into this. I wish you the best in the future moving forward.
On a personal note, thank you for the time you spent developing my scenarios and providing valuable feedback, thank you.
Best regards,
Larry Wilhelm

I am sure I just do nto understand how it works, but.....

I thought I was able to register for 2 or more evets during the same time slots as long as I had them ranked differently? Say X a 4, Y a 3 and Z a 2. Thus if I failed to get into X, I still had a shot of getting into Y and Z. When I try this the system tells me I have conflicts in my schedule and the will not be counted until they are resolved.

Is it correct that we can only sign uo for 1 event per time slot, and if so, what is the purpose of the rankings...

Thanks for the attention to this post.

Only Taldor faction option shows up, but my dude's Andoran? Help, am I missing something?

Edit: I just made a 3rd guy, and it let me select all other factions, so I got it to work!

1) I DMed an event and reported it, what rewards do we get for being the GM.
Also can a cleric in organized play choose to not worship a god?

Hey 2 questions
1) can a draconic or abyssal sorcerer take weapon focus claws?
2) can same sorcerer take unarmed strike and make 3 attacks 1 with a kick then 2 secondary attacks with claws (realizing the -2 with primary and -5 with secondary)?

Please critique. Note I left out the encounters section, I feel its trite to add it...
I used werewolves, I was worried about the probability of a PC attaining Lycanthropy, but then I noticed that "Afflicted Lycanthropes" Cannot pass on the curse of Lycanthropy....

The Fury of Falcon’s Hollow

A werewolf savages the cut-yards of Falcon’s Hollow, leaving the half-eaten corpses of lumberjacks in its wake. Luna, a lone Druid afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy, is the cause of the grisly deaths. Guilt stricken, she provides cures for the unsuspecting townsfolk’s many afflictions. Using forgotten fey magic she atones for her monthly rampages. Curious about Luna’s supernatural cures, the Pathfinder Society dispatches agents to assess her uncanny herbal remedies. Remedies the Society correctly believes come from a prized book penned by Baba Yaga’s descendant, the witch Ulizmila.

Tragically, Luna’s ministrations have invoked the wrath of the Blackblood Covenant, worshipers of Urgathoa who spread diseases throughout the town. Seeing Luna as a threat to their plan, they kidnap her, and discover her secret—lycanthropy. Delighted, they harvest the girl’s affliction, and they plan to gorge upon the townsfolk of Falcon’s Hollow in a feast that would make the Pallid Princess proud. When the PCs begin their search for Luna, they become the town’s only hope for survival.

NOTE: The werewolves are “afflicted lycanthropes”, so they cannot pass on the curse of lycanthropy.


The adventure begins as the PCs approach an abandoned cut-yard outside of Falcon’s Hollow. Soon the heroes discover the bodies of lumberjacks torn apart by ferocious fangs. Suddenly, the bodies contort into a tormented hybrid of man and wolf. Werewolves attack the party.

The PCs enter Falcon’s Hollow and find windows boarded up, shops closed, and axe-wielding lumberjacks patrolling the streets. As the players investigate Luna’s whereabouts, a man approaches. Secretly a covenant member, he attempts to inflict the group with slimy doom. Feigning friendship, he warns the PCs about Luna’s lycanthropy, and offers them a silver dagger. As he continues his counsel, howls echo in the distance and the meager militia springs into action. Luna’s animal companions charge into town attempting to rescue their mistress from her kidnapers. The PCs must decide whether to defend Falcon’s Hollow from dogs/wolves/dire wolves.

After the attack, the PCs find respite within the town’s inn. Interaction with NPCs allows the PCs to gather information about the ravaged cut-yards, the mysterious diseases, and the missing girl Luna. A group of lumberjacks confronts the party, implying they are the source of the trouble. One of the lumberjacks, also a covenant member, goads his friends on. Unless the PCs take actions to diffuse the situation, a brawl ensues. During the encounter, any PC with Knowledge (religion), or bardic knowledge notices the provocateur’s tattoo marks him as a worshiper of Urgathoa.

OPTIONAL ENCOUNTER: That night, the covenant assaults the PCs while they rest. Surviving the attack, the PCs discern more tattoos.

At dawn, the heroes spy ashen-faced men with wheelbarrows loading the disease-ravaged dead into wagons bound for a pyre. The wagon’s driver bears the same unholy mark seen the night before. The PCs can use Intimidate, Diplomacy, or Bluff to gain the location of the covenant’s hideout, or they can follow the wagon to an abandoned warehouse. Entering the warehouse, the PCs discover a shrine. From festering heaps of rancid flesh piled up in offering, a shadow/greater shadow claws forth to attack the PCs.

Finally, the PCs locate Luna tied to a silver table hidden within the warehouse. Near death, Luna warns the PCs of the covenant’s plans to use her affliction to infect themselves with lycanthropy. A growl in the shadows reveals a large Urgathoan werewolf. Festering sores weep upon his matted fur, and a frothy foam drips from his gaping, hungry maw. Drenched in drool, he attacks the heroes!


With success, the PCs retrieve Ulizmila’s writings, and defeat the Blackblood Covenant. With failure, the covenant destroys Ulizmila’s book, and the downtrodden township of Falcon’s Hollow falls victim to a ritualistic feast of Urgathoan werewolves.

wow, no feedback?

Well, people should be starting to hit 6th level and higher, has anyone ran this? What are some of your thoughts? Please use spoilers.

Hey James are all the set pieces finalized?

A few Questions
1) Starting Gold for 5th level? (use DMG?)
2) Points for the Point buy
3) What books can we use? Beta only, Beta and Pathfinder Campagin Guide, any books?

Thanks in advance, sorry to bug ya.

Who else is in this Sound off!

Just wondering if anybody in the area has a face to face game in the Canadian arctic of Edmonton Alberta....

If you guys want to create an account and an alias for your character please go ahead and do so, if not u can still post as a guest.... If u need assistance or instructions I will provide them here.... Remember this is a resource, our game will be face to face, but this can be useful!

below is an example of an alias just click on the name

Hey guys as the thread states please critique. I figure this will be a great way for me to improve. Thanks to all who take the time :)

Demon Haunts
An art financier displays his recent Kellid exhibition at his summer estate. Guests marvel at the savage display of artifacts. Primal idols, statues, and beadwork provide contrast to the gothic architecture of the seasonal mansion. Dark clouds gather on the horizon—the coming storm sours the occasion.

Pathfinder representatives attend a summer art exhibition to authenticate a rare find. The financier of the exhibit, a fat Chelish man named Tukonen Rask hails from the house of Thrune. A patron of the arts, Rask funds expeditions brining him respect. Unfortunately, the Pathfinder who led his last mission never returned. Secretly, the PCs search for their missing brethren.

The adventure begins in the menagerie of the summer estate. Experts debate the meaning of the artifacts. The original owners of the pieces prepare to attack, as the participants discuss each sculpture. The Kellids have journeyed to reclaim their stolen property. The savages attack the dignitaries. Rask is the primary target, the PCs must decide if they will save him. At the end of this battle the last tribesman utters a curse to activate an idol.

Storm clouds gather and winds rage. The animals in the menagerie bay, howl, and roar. The larger animals escape from their cages. With a heightened predatory nature these feral beasts stalk the guests. The PCs spearhead the effort to retreat into the mansion.

Demons massacre the servants inside the mansion. If Tukonen still lives he begs the heroic PCs to end the carnage. If he was killed the PCs find Rask’s diary. Either way, the information gathered explains these Kellids use the idols for demon adulation. The PCs discover the only way to end the demon assault is to return to the menagerie and destroy the idols. As if on cue, hoards of demons burst forth and attempt to murder any remaining guests. Some are dragged off into the darkness. The PCs battle the demons.

Knowing the idols must be destroyed, the PCs venture back into the windstorm. They encounter the lost Pathfinder. Dark and menacing, he is dressed in Kellid war beads. From the shadows the nabasu follow his orders. He holds the invoked idol and commands the demons to attack.

Encounter One: The Test of Knowledge
Location: The Menagerie
The PCs enter a series of knowledge skill checks to determine how much they know about the idols. Useful skills include: religion, arcana, history, art, and bardic knowledge. During this challenge a self-proclaimed expert is offended. He challenges a PCs to a non-lethal duel. If the PCs attain higher successes than this expert, Rask decides to make a donation to the Pathfinder Society. EL 7/10.

Encounter Two: Tribal Attack
Location: The Menagerie
Kellid barbarians attack the PCs and guests. With his last breath, one utters a curse to release the power of the idol. If he is captured, he commits suicide and still utters the curse. EL 8/11

Encounter Three: Break out
Location: The Menagerie retreating to the mansion.
The idol summons demonic forces. A raging storm causes the animals in the menagerie to panic. Demons posses the strongest creatures. They break free and attack (use dire animals). The mansion provides a safe haven for the PCs and NPCs. (Use rules for a windstorm DMG pg 65). EL 8/11

Encounter 4: Demon Front
Location: The Mansion
Once inside the mansion, bodies of servants cover the floor. Rask or his diary explains the power of the idol. Nabasu gain entry and attack the PCs in the central hall. The PCs discover that the only way to end the threat is by destroying the idol. (If the PCs have the idols or they are already destroyed, Rask/diary reveals that another hidden in an animal pen.) EL 9/12

Encounter 5: The Master himself
Location: The Menagerie
The PCs discover the missing Pathfinder in the corpse littered menagerie. Their comrade is possessed. Lesser nabasu are flying around him. In his hands he holds the invoked idol. The PCs can end the possession in two ways: kill the Pathfinder or destroy the idol. Destroying the idol spares the Pathfinder. Use lesser Nabasu and Human with demon possessed creature template (Quasit/Balor). (Advanced Bestiary pg. 51). EL 10/13.

If the PCs are successful, they end the nabasu threat, destroy the activating idol, and end the possession of their comrade.
Faction missions
Gain a rubbing of an idol, raise funds for future missions, discover the fate of the missing Pathfinder, look at Rask’s finance logs, and obtain a Kellid artifact.

What are you planning on playing in the new adventure path Ruse of the Runelords. (assume max gold and hit points at level one, 28 pt buy)
Meet Umlo Thistleknot
Male Gnome Ranger (1)--stats and write up to follow.

(planning on going 4 levels of fighter (yes an xp penalty for 2 levels) next then onto Gnome Giant-Slayer)
Gnomes seem to be a great choice for a PC bonus against goblins and Giants.
Does anyone think gnomes may over populate this new world...
granted Dwarves are a good choice to...