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KujakuDM wrote:

1. I found the stat fixes to be completely compatible with Mythic Solutions. You will have to dial in the encounters based on party make up (like a good gm always should).

Note: Mythic Solutions fixed all the problems I had with Mythic power levels. Due to action economy, even If a single PC got KO'd the rest could easily pick things up.

2) No, but I wouldn't make the game not (or low) mythic. Getting power is fun.

Thank you! I'm glad to hear this worked. I have a four-person group that is probably nowhere near the median optimization level of people posting here but I'll give it a try and dial back (or just forego certain combat options) if they're getting hammered.

OMG a thread resurrection! (Fine, nearly a month but still...)

I have a question:

1) If I were to use the "fixes" to mythic included in mythic solutions, would these stat blocks still be usable or am I dooming my players given that I will be nerfing amazing initiative, swift-action uses, multiple expenditures of mythic power in a round, and stacking multiplier effects (foe biter, mythic power attack, mythic vital strike)? It seems like Sc8rpi8n_mjds experience was that his PCs got killed quite often but that anyone who was able to act in the first two rounds was able to perform a one-round kill of the difficult villains. If I get rid of amazing initiative, swift-action path features, and crazy stacking-multiplier effects (as well as nerfing some of the crazier abilities to add additional iterative attacks when making full attacks), is that going to mean that these enhanced encounters are going to result in TPKs due to the monsters being able to unload on the PCs for another round or two?

2) Would you use these encounters at all if one were to reduce to a low- or zero-mythic game? Does one still need to tweak the encounters as written in the AP?


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Kingmaker was my second favorite AP (after Jade Regent), but I will say that I ran it with the following emphasis:

It's true that Nyrissa is the "BBEG" but really, I think it's richer if the "villain" (or "foil" or whatever word you want to use) is the First World as a whole. There's already plenty of political intrigue, but you can tie the beginning and end of the AP together more tightly if you present a number of the challenges arising throughout the River Kingdoms as the product of fey influence. PF did a really good job of going back to traditional sources to make the fey darker and more purely otherworldly, as opposed to just "sylvan" or "mischievous," and I found a lot to mine there.

Dear TBA,

Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but I'd love the PF stat blocks too!

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