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I am intersted in this. The free content for the pathfinder websites has to be on a database somewhere.

What we need as developers is a way to query that database or at least gain access to download a live copy of all of the data at once(and keep the structure). Certain pieces of information would be good to be able to download on the fly, like the errata and faq updates.
The problem is that all of this data output has bandwidth costs to whomever runs the Paizo website ( with little to no pay out, unless the API was a paid for resource. I would certainly pay for a database dump of all static information from the srd. I would also pay a monthly fee for access to a web based (like REST) API that could update users with the newest rule changes and explanations of those rules.

If this already exists, could someone point it out to me?

Currently (as far as I know), the only way to access this information would be web-site scraping and data mining techniques that I don't think Paizo would be happy with.